Thank you to all the photographers that shared their most creative captures in this photo contest with chances to win the bragging rights of being published in Dohdo magazine! Congratulations to the following finalists and stay tuned for the winners' announcement coming soon.

"Hidden kiss " by Hector_Mireles

"DSC_1863web " by SolSiren

"*** " by AlexPuhovoy

"Fashion_Swimwear01 " by markcarolan

"Take the Wheel " by thombarbour

"Comet Watchers " by JimCumming

"trollstigen " by hasmonaut

"Chris " by pawelnuckowski

"inside the ballon " by Guillaume

" " by robertdan

"Sprinkling " by ricardowilliams

"Western Life, Wyoming " by BigJer

"Born to ride " by inyrdreams

"Maungo " by JackVisserPhoto

""reach for the sun.." " by dimitrisdrisas

" " by JohnnyWeaverx

"A new beginning " by truetolifephotography

"Round Two " by kenfong_7038

"waiting for lightness " by JoaoLavadinho

"DSC_0320 (3).JPG " by Muro

"Autumn's calling " by traceydobbs

"Midnight Lights " by Jeremydean80

"A Chick, A Click, And A Curl " by Keane_Eye

"© Natural fotografie by Tamara Nederkoorn " by Tamara-N-Photography

"_DSC8052aa " by TerriCoxPhotography

"Oh my " by JohnCookPhotography

"Shining through " by dpasikhov

"Dream way " by Balders

"Early mornings in Tianxin " by adventureddiejay

"Red Soil Terraces Of Yunnan China " by thomasliesener

"Outside " by cristianvillanueva_8038

" " by AA_photography105

"Nordic Holiday " by AstaNor

"IMG_4150 2 " by alexisjavierrodriguez

"6955B01D-4FEB-4127-AA92-1AE6467D6075 " by Iz-Biz

" " by evietaylor_3483

"Be what you are. " by ryanz_shotz

"Love for the sun " by clscragg2003

"FLAMING HEART [ My Love Is True ] " by mhabibulhaque

"Ray " by bml40400

"Contemplate " by janswanepoel

"Splendid Evening " by allen

"Do you need Help? " by AlessandroDeLuca

"Time for Tea " by NickBPhotoUK

"Engine 1 " by randyblack

"Portrait of Jairo - Palace of Fine Arts - San Francisco, CA " by almorales

"Midnight Summer Dream " by luisasalomon

"064 " by JF-Photography

"Not On My Watch " by paulatchinson

"Angel got her Wings " by Daniel-French

"Friends. " by suezyg2345

"The wedding madness " by JonathanDurandPhoto

"Water Drop Photography " by josborn

"Blue " by Hollie_Walden

"Sunset of eternity " by aurora_gio

"Sunrise with Chani " by LxxK

"Master crafter " by nathanielchin

"Cracked " by mrjcall

"STOP! " by HugoAugusto

"The entertainer " by sarahwolfe_1013

"Glowing Stairs " by Steve_Thomas

"Hidden kiss in the forest " by Magiurg

"Beauty in backlight " by Janjoeng

"Speed " by klepikovadaria

"Karen by the window " by UtmostImages

"Alyssa " by anetacoufalova

"Crystal Ball " by stephenwong

"Bohemian Brave... " by MarketaNovak

"Lepidopterist " by carl_doghouse


"The search " by alexmazilu

"Enisala Citadel " by BiancaBechisi

"Guillemins, Liège, Belgium " by Pjerry

"Fire Angel " by ShaunWhitePhotography

"Harvest moon* " by Bob5253

"Haifoss Valley " by AnotherDayisNOW

"DJC_6978_Drift " by davidconnelly

"What is love ? " by Photodanceart

"N, C & the Mustang " by autumndarling

"Young Woman " by mikepeck_8672

"Dandelions " by amaliazilio

"Trifecta Aerial of Pool Girls " by PhotoLogic-SightFlight

"Claws Drawn " by chrisbalboni

"Mount Dancer " by santifisher

"The Light of Gods " by charnas

"Golden Queen " by Badjulha

"Autumn is here! " by CynthiaFotografie

"I am a great friend of chaos. It’s all we have. I mean, this whole concept of being able to manage life... life is risk, life is chance, life is being open to chance. The best things in my life, and probably anybody’s life, comes out of being open to bein " by jmphotography2323

"Wedding "Selfie" " by talynbehzad

"Cyan Selfie " by Milla_foto

"Through the Branches " by stevenscarcello

"Nya with Tina Marie #tinamariephotography #tinamariealaska #model #portraitphotography #portrait #studio #studiophotography #gold #creative #creativestudio #yellow #pose #fierce #face #goldnglitter #strikeapose #beauty #anchoragealaska #alaskaphotographer " by tinamarie_7110

"Childlike Wonder " by sirirose

"Focus is overrated " by flowra

"Inner Demons " by vsidles

" " by (A)raulcatalinas

"Pile of street chalk " by (A)Ameliajean76

"Fenix Dannie " by (A)AdBPhotography1

"moon gazing " by (A)valor90

"Hair Silhouette " by (A)teewhyell

"Intimate 1 " by (A)blueseajay

"They say a dream can only come true if you wish for it.. i said reach for the moon babygirl. " by BrieAlleman

"Wave Dress 3 " by HouavangPhotography

"Sears Crosstown Stair " by ericcriswell

"In it " by Lwb1331

"Jan Kocis " by martinkrystynek

"Geisha Warrior A japanese inspired makeup shoot in studio. " by geranraath

"Opening doors in the darkest of times " by joe_rtr

"Taylor Skate.JPG " by (A)davea

"Diana and Zhanna Twins " by TatianaPavlova

"Neon light " by Mrec

"Hot Dog " by VanderblackStudios

"Blue lagoon " by Vadimsadovski

"Nana's Hugs " by JAStandring

"Castle shoot " by VladimirPlavac

"hollyfool2 " by Irina2870

"Strike A Pose " by tricianicolescott

"Gents " by (A)rjanpetersson

"Can I hear a WOW?!! " by ConnieEtter

"People from Up High " by speedshark

"Lilia " by Kerberos486

"Photography is king!! " by Pegasis

"Peek-a-boo Copyright D.D.De'Ville 2021 " by DDDEVILLEPHOTOGRAPHY

"DSCF3498 " by St-GermainPhotographie

"Don't let go " by luciannphotography

"Pozor " by Pavel_Ziegler

"autumn " by Stasy

"Combat Mode Activated " by Andreas_Voigt

"Ready for Battle " by atanasdonev

"just married " by thomasmeierphotography

" " by henryfinch

"Why gummy bears are so afraid of dinosaurs " by ltdbjd

"Milan November 2014 Fashion Night " by Neweraworldstudio

"il gatto nero " by joecas

"taming dragons " by deti

"Living the Dream! " by Fazakas

"Equilibrium " by lorisdambra

"_MG_3251 (2) " by wsugalski

"Crushed by Elegant Levitating " by TDTphotographyDesign

"***** " by janeklass

" " by gregbarber

"The Broccoli Forest " by YuliyVasilev

"winter splash " by (A)Roblindholm

"Cliff hanger " by (A)J0anna

"Sunset Climbing " by albaker

"in motion " by PaulHenryStudios

"Smiles " by Dzenat

"The blue lake " by Juliocastropardo

"Good morning sunshine " by jalqphotography

"Sunset Sihouette " by johnboland

"Dried Flowers " by cristinacovas

"See you summer... " by (A)The_Dreamcatcher

"Happy jumping| " by MaxMontella

"walls " by Cynthialabarr

"Super Villain " by (A)redmanimages

"Bow Hunter " by dixiejbrumm

"Kate VI " by RadovanBartekPhotographer

"Oceanic portal " by ohnitsoga

"Portrait of an Artist " by (A)kailancarter

"Copy - DSC_9535 " by (A)BrunoHeeb

"Superkilen, Denmark. " by petesmith2710

"Maja " by Boholm

"Lisa " by lauracallsen

"low_light_play " by cykojoe3

"Makeup " by henryspuhr

""Reaching forever.." " by PanGram

"Atomium " by Macpwm

"Maybe a touch of Escher? " by pietervanroijen

"Rainy Days " by ShayleneMarie

"red death " by VinceVphotography

"The Short Fuse " by (A)KamilBinkis

"JSS_6914 " by LightCapturer

"”Funapple” " by RodicaCosarba

"Jana " by ilyayakover

"CUM-TEMPLUM " by Mauro_Mendula

"Garden Variety " by ElenaParaskeva

"view of an angel " by ronconigliaro

"Purple Reign " by carrieolsoncarden

"Far Far Away - Part I " by ArtMoodVisualz

"Robber Roost " by tmarinella

"The Great Indoors: Astrophotography in Lockdown " by matthew.eden

"Malraw " by Laurent_Martinotti

"Mud face " by JavierJimeno

"Summernight dreams " by (A)grigoriskoulouriotis

"Flying colors " by Oleg_Grachev

"Are you jealous? " by Refat

"334C252A-AC6E-402C-9556-083C36CCAE31.JPG " by mauriciothomsen

"Blinds " by GrantTooGordon

"Washed up " by rlinn3

" " by StephenLittlePhotography

"Time square " by Marco_Tagliarino

"Eye Spy with My Big Eye " by heathermchenrywilson

"Breaking Egg Protein Splash......... " by lekahuie

"laura " by ajcophotography

"Time flies by " by Bilderschmied-Danz

"IMG_7115-1 " by (A)sakhile

"Goveners Bay " by Darrenp