We teamed up with Profoto to bring you this exciting contest and asked you to explore your indoor creativity and get the chance to win Profoto’s latest on-camera flash.  You showed us your best image taken inside, no matter if you took it in a studio or at a unique photo location, thank you to all the participants.

Congratulations to the winning selections and a big thank you to the guest judges Mira & Thilda Berglind. They are a sister duo, with a focus on storytelling who have a weak spot for dreamy, almost fairytale-like landscapes that give you a feeling of adventure. Check out their latest photoshoot.

Congratulations People's Choice "The Emerald " by Pavel_Ziegler

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Self-portrait with my daughters " by Child_Expressions

"This picture is beautiful because we feel it describes motherhood and generations. They are bleeding together like one body. We love the tenderness and how the mother cares for her children. How the hand gently embraces the face. The love shines through." - Mira and Thilda 

Congratulations Runner Up " " by tomtyson

"This portrait is perfect and so beautiful in this simplicity. The light, the shapes, the composition. It feels like we are shown some elements of his personality." - Mira and Thilda

Congratulations Runner Up "Blue " by kanishasha

"The blue picture has something weird and honest in it and it describes where we are now, in the middle of a pandemic. Her eyes are screaming for help still the picture feels calm" - Mira and Thilda

"Portrait " by RalfvonSamson


"Just Like Grandma Used to Make... " by liliaalvarado

"Attractive " by aminhama

"Miss Terious " by L4zyPhoto

"Future Ice " by ivoneramadori

"Angela " by IuFo

"Hallie " by Sevian

"Bellezza nera " by HENSHAW_photography

"American Native " by Andreas_Voigt


"Talk..I'm listening " by petrhingar

"Mary " by WolfgangPichler

"The countess " by Bogdan_Iacob

"Cloe " by yannickdesmet

"Viktoria - Natural Beauty " by gabrielastiep

"Renaissance Woman " by vernswieringa

"Vika " by pawelnuckowski

"????? " by elenasoloffoto

"mirror " by sollenaphotography

"It's a Vibe " by gabrielcosenza

"Jungle " by marcwildpassion

"Gold " by slavasamoilenko

"Blur this! " by PierreTurtaut


"Painted Lady " by wsquaredphotography

"Samantha " by kgillespie

"Eyes wide shut " by novablooming

"Versailles " by maggiemabon

"the fall " by Valeko

"Softness " by jasonspiteri

"@morganmarinoni instagram " by morganmarinoni

"again " by KoreaSaii

"Shooting with Vanessa " by MaximilianvanVuigt

"Rain On Me " by kevincamp


"Victorian days 1 " by greghadel

"Adam de Swart, ex-teacher " by joggievanstaden

"*** " by AnnaDemy

"SHUT UP " by Phanganphotography

"The Purple Rose (a self portrait) " by amandaclarence

"Renew the excitement " by zinojohn

"Black And Yellow " by Boholm

"Light It Up " by davidsantangelo

"Pink monochrome " by annapostovaya


"Neon Portrait " by Penderev

"Simona " by kejty

"Emma " by yakushevgeniy

"Liquid Neon " by kylere

"White Hare " by DorsetRuss

"Father and Son " by greghillman

"the Hipster " by bendikstalheim