Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photos showing shoes in the Cool Shoes Photo contest with chances to win a 50mm Lens and more!

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Adelīna Darviņa for her collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. She started her photo career as a wedding and commercial photographer for Latvian market gaining over six years of experience in both wedding and commercial photography. In the past years she has been interested in photography as a part of a research method.

"Work break" by adrianchinery

"Chucks" by (A)ianjamesphotography

"Iceland Style " by abilewis

"woman details" by pedropulido

"Hanri van Schalkwyk in Jewels" by ralfeyertt

"Sandy Chuck" by theshawnamiller

"_DSC9254" by feliciamireles

"Old Shoes" by dakoch

"The Journey " by Reallycrazykiwi

"jump man jump man " by Junejissle

"polished grit" by jmphotography2323

"BIG FOOT" by lessysebastian

"IMG_3176-Modifier-2" by andybonnard

"Ballerina & Coverse" by bandswright

"The Badlands" by crystaldiane

"Ride" by tomtyson

"Red Ballet Toe Shoes" by CourtneyBlissett

"LOVE" by akphotographystudio

"Running with my friend" by genevievelapointe

"Laces" by klang

"chucks" by Dadtank

"Untitled" by matttheilen

"Skate Or Die" by LiveInspiredByBrenda

"Boots" by nikkiness

"Girls in Chucks" by melissaaveyphotography

"Red Dress: Emily (Preview)" by FightGuyPhoto

"Hot Deck (853x1280)" by Style29

"Living Art" by CrashBurnPhoto

"Joscelyne" by Jackie_Kancir

"20150711-IMG_4963" by matayosoixantequatorze

"Ballerina Legs" by SkyeSchmidt

"shoes on the couch 2" by mariannedixey

"untitled" by (A)IcsuRenata

"Lea Jones" by Marcogressler

"Abandoned I" by JAMillsPhoto

"In My Shoes" by ElenaParaskeva

"Gettin' Yer Feet Wet at Fraser Island" by suze75

"IMG_9936" by Chickey

"Passion and Heat" by bryanmaes

"Downtown Beauty" by AshleyGoverman

"Running man" by moritzleonard

"Sian Sian Kei bridge" by Studiobay

"DoomPuppet_1708_2147a_b1_s" by christiangigerphotography

"Big Sister " by hannibalventura

"Inspired by the work of Arnaud Ele" by thierryvouillamoz

"Boundary Boots" by Patrick_Law

"Denisa" by jensfischer

"All-Star" by natosed

"Longing" by siegart

"Red Shoe" by sjholbert

"Shoes " by kelleyhurwitzahr

"Renee Tattoo shoot 6 Nov 16-219-Edit " by bradbuddphotography

"Downtown #3 " by JuliaAltork

"NYC_0868 " by (A)BrunoHeeb

"girl " by Rostovskiy

"Rein Love " by Boholm

"shoes " by ronharrison

"Stephanie " by PaulHenryStudios

"Toys in the Attic " by (A)porlusatmaelstrom

"Relax " by bryxter

"tattoo is sexy " by JonDavatzPhotography

"Just Chilling " by ghphotouk

"Sitting Pretty " by rinkarnatz

""Just Do It" " by CourtPatty

"Tourist shoes in the water " by Alena_lvin

"Irish Dancer " by (A)Sdonion

"5N9A4909 " by stephenleonardi

"Chucks " by albaker

"The fractal reflected and projected! " by Osterholtz

"Wedding Vans " by Thephotocorgi

"Vans Off The Wall " by LucaWho

"KX3A6134 mono " by hanlismit

"Pinkies! " by sallycarey

"Lunch with a view " by espenbakketun

"A loyal shoe ROL_0229" by rolandomunari

"Sole Passion" by jenne

"Don't Be Negative in blue" by AlbertBell

"shoes" by (A)mrspaulding

"On the top of the world " by Martina_Prielozna

"untitled" by (A)SVPhotos

"Man on the monument valley" by franckreporter

"shoes" by joeyg

"GO GO GO !" by (A)gerdiehutomo

"Shoe Talk" by shezashootingstar

"untitled" by DarMarWorld

"Adventure Awaits " by rowanke

"Big shoes" by morneesterhuizen

"Cold Feet?" by kevinsawyerphotography

"Boots on the ground" by Jodosphotos

"Working Hard" by barbarabrock

"Old Converse" by (A)stephenpatterson