It is all about the right lighting when it comes to photography. The key, as with most things in life, lies within how you light your subject; for example, two colors can make for an inspiring image if they're used creatively and strategically! Different shades of the same color are also a great way to compose an image. For this photo contest, we invited you to show us how you capture contrasting tones to bring your photography to life with chances to win a Neewer macro led ring light and more.

Congratulations People's Choice "Colores " by kaitlyn_briggs

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Colombe " by lothare

Congratulations Runner Up "Untitled" by slavasamoilenko

Congratulations Runner Up "Visionary " by aitordelarco

Congratulations Honorary Mention "Street lamp " by claudiosericano

Congratulations Honorary Mention "Custom shoe " by ilyablinov