Thank you to all the photographers that participated in the Contemplating The Aurora Photo Contest in collaboration with Nik Collection, sharing their best photos showing the Aurora Borealis. Congratulations to the winners and finalists, and a special round of applause for the Grand Jury Winner who wins great prizes by Nik Collection.

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Johannes Hoehn for his collaboration as a guest judge. Johannes Hoehn is an outdoor and lifestyle photographer based in Cologne, Germany. His work is focused on authentic images representing the mood and feel around him when he travels and explores the outdoors. Besides that he is well known in the european sneaker industry and has worked for lots of magazines, brands and stores such as Nike, Solebox and Sneaker Freaker.

"Volcano" by ianrobins

"Night Fire over Vestrahorn" by jasonjhatfield

"Waves of inspiration" by dieterberghmans

"Rossfjord - Northern Norway" by JKBPhotography

"Northern Light Show" by Davidf

"Alien Invasion" by olehenrikskjelstad

"Southern Lights" by AaronM

"Auroras in Iceland" by Jonsteinar

"Aurora in Iceland II" by trevorcurtis

"Polar Disco" by lmr337

"Liquid Ice" by dustpixxByFabioAntenore

"The Show of Nature" by francescorusso

"Aurora Borealis" by BRIN

"North Dakota Aurora Borealis" by JStroud44

"Iceland Oct_23_6630" by charleswhite

"Aurora in Hof" by Duangmon

"Aurora Borealis 18.12.2014" by mari-annejacobsen

"In_the_night" by manibengood

"Nature at its finest!" by JonnyJoycePhotography

"Aurora´s Heart" by (A)Structor

"Aurora Borealis" by ellu

"The Milky way and the Solar Dance" by douglasdrouin

"Aurora Borealis " by deedeeimages

"While you were Sleeping" by reneedoyle

"Aurora 1" by PhotosbyJLR

"Gazing into the Northern Lights" by (A)Torngats

"Sunwind reflection" by markotakala

"Kirkjufellsfoss, Snaefellsnes, Iceland" by Chillbrook

"22 Below" by Tor-Ivar

"Light Show" by phyllisburchett

"Northern Lights Reflection - Jokulsarlon Lagoon, Iceland" by KellieNetherwood

"IMG_3028-2" by (A)SShepherd

"Reine Lights" by jamesaustrums

"Aurora" by PaulinaAramburo

"Portal to heaven." by (A)adrianoleitephoto

"Master of Light" by bitterer

"m a g n e t i s m (pano) 18211" by philipesterle

"Lights 3" by mattbelshaw

"Inukshuk" by frankiej7

"Solar Wind" by Knask

"He Tries to Speak to Us" by DamianHadjiyvanov

"A curtain of Green " by (A)simpledesertgirl

"Aurora Jokulsarlon-sm" by lddove

"Green Lady play on the water" by (A)LeBlanc_Photography2015

"Beams in Trees" by jamierichey

"Ellis Arch- Mirrored" by DrewDesharnaisPhotography

"northern lights pano" by Eventyr

"Northern Lights Alaska" by peterruprecht

"Standing Tall under the Auroras" by iwangroot

"Heavens above" by patrickyates

"Arcane" by PaulWilsonImagesNZ

"Icelandic Aurora Borealis" by davenelson

"KIRKJUFELL 5" by Prive

"Aurora Borealis in the Moonlight" by HeidaHB

"The best night of my life" by jamiemacisaac

"Northern Lights" by oZimages

"Northern Lights Volcano!" by jaybirmingham

"Lightshow" by hopecarlin

"knutpettersfoto-3768 x 5652.jpg" by knutpetterdimmen

"Aurora Nidelven" by KnutAageDahl

"Northern Lights" by RichardShore

"Northern lights " by sigridbuene