Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photos using patterns as the main aspect in the composition in the Composing with Patterns Photo Contest with chances to win a Apple Watch and more!

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Jason Matias for his collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. Matias is an internationally published photographer who sells his fine art landscapes to clients and collectors around the world. Through mindfulness and introspection he has narrowed his creative expression to an idea he calls “Comfortable Isolation.” He finds inspiration from the great painters of the Renaissance, Hudson Valley, and American Southwest movements and his goal is to blur the lines between photography and art.. His favorite lesson when leading workshops is helping photographers find their voice.

"Big Square, Little Square" by peterstew

"River Crossing" by piotrparzybok

"September 11th 2016." by (A)chuckrickman

"Art Nuoevau" by naurisdollins

"55 Windows" by johannesoehl

"Wood net" by Pandigraph

"Blue Sky Slot" by michaelmarcoux

"Winter Struggle" by upsidedownshoots

"Mucigliani" by mauriziomartini

"The Coiffeur" by charlotterhodes

"Birds of a Feather" by bkcrossman

"Autumn mood" by swqaz

"Nature's Fan" by anitahogue

"Riverwalk" by KellyMcCann

"Lollipop" by WhitneyLevinPhotography

"Henley Beach Jetty" by emmafleetwood

"TRAMWAY." by Rob_Eakins

"Star Movement" by windycorduroy

"Mother nature, you're beautiful! " by (A)replytojain

"Massive Sunset Over "Torbiere"" by fabiosozza

"The lone bush" by Darrenp

"Skyward" by NickBPhotoUK

"Glitter Tears 1" by Adriano73

"street symmetry" by tadejturk

"Marriott Atlanta Two BW" by beckykempf

"We will never forget the sacrifices you've made." by TinaBobina

"Montana Fall" by mikefennell

"The Old Princess Pier" by AshThomson

"Green Segmented " by ruezralisnek

"Rakotzbrucke , Saxony, Germany, at sunset." by kerryellis

"Sand Dune #3" by gosmundson

"In the middle" by bendikstalheim

"When nature finds its way" by diegobaravelli

"Lot to light" by AMuse

"Fool's Gold" by WendyHudnall

"fly " by Elchin_Jabbarov

"time without time " by joecas

"David Beckstead (3 of 7) " by davidbeckstead

"Looking Up " by SteveSFoto

"Last light.. " by elenapardini

"Rapids Above The Falls " by jamesjohnston_3471

"Matrix " by kapuschinsky

"Piazza Città di Lombardia " by SirDiegoSama

"Ripples in the sand " by christianpeay

"Underneath the Eiffel " by jekabssilacerps

"Tropical Fashion " by sarinamannaert

"the freshness of a new day " by Kirichay

"A Days Work Is Never Done " by SheilaDee

"Chesterton Windmill Mono " by petergreig

"Snow Pattern " by SvetlanaYanina

"To Find Another Race " by ts446photo

"Run and jump, " by bobbyborgia

"Montparnasse - Follow the line " by alexandresurel

"Architectural leading lines " by vladgphoto

"IMG_7526c PRINTABLE " by danielsturley

"Mount Robson " by kailamariewalton

"The Cage " by timot78

"ski tracks in the snow!! " by lisaamandabradshaw

"Globe " by Denis09

"RenCen Station " by adavies

"DSC_3486 " by hafeedz

"IMG_1656 " by Heartful

"Ribbed " by kathykuhn100

"UVA Rutunda " by HeartandHomePhotography

"Glamorous " by Julieweiss

"It's Black and White " by Pamelabole

"The Journey " by Paul-Stapleton

"Tree of Life " by corymarshall

" Tower Repairs " by peterkitanov

"Lines " by bmackenziephotography

"_DSC0187-3___tonemapped_01 " by TheoShilton

"Playa " by springlake

"Shadow Playing " by ricklecompte

"White Sands in Black and White " by bonnie_gresham_davidson_3479

"shadows " by debnieuwerth

"Planet Dusk " by Rinkrat

"Brick in the Wall. " by AaronM