ViewBug community member martijnvdnat shares  5 quick insights into his photography and 3 tips that are always good to remember. "My photographic themes are Landscapes and Architecture, but Portraits have my interest as well. I try to have a minimal approach to create strong compositions. Less is more. My work can be characterized as graphic, colorful, dramatic and always with a clear subject."

I love photography because:

It let's me express myself creatively and visually, it gets me to places that I normally would not visit.

My camera lets me: 

Capture the moments and the beauty of everyday things that most people pass by and take for granted. It lets me share how I experience beauty with others.

I find inspiration when: 

I Look at the many amazing photographers on ViewBug I get inspired to go out and try to capture more photos.

My favorite place to shoot is: 

The beach! I really like the different lighting conditions and the wide horizon, you can really feel the vastness of nature with the big empty space.

3 quick tips I’d like to share with my fellow ViewBug community members:

1. Scout for locations and visit your chosen location on different times of the day, be patient and wait for the right conditions.

2. If you are not satisfied with your photos, go back to the same place again and again until you are satisfied!

3. Have fun, enjoy yourself.

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