ViewBug community member thierrydulau is a graphic designer and photographer from France and the People's Choice winner in the World Expeditions Photo Contest. He shares why he loves photography so much and what it has done for him.

beynac by thierrydulau

I love photography because... I like the idea to go places with my camera bag, with my Canon digital camera, my Tamron camera lens, my tripod, and to be able to return with amazing images created with my equipment. It's awesome to capture all that you want, the beauty of our world, and retouching the images to showcase your vision the best you can.

My camera lets me... Express myself as an artist by capturing landscapes, architecture, feelings, people, and showcase these with my own style.

I find inspiration when... I see beautiful landscapes, magnificent castles, villages, monuments and interesting architecture.

One of the photos I am most proud of is:

Villa-Belza Biarritz / Pays basque by thierrydulau

I am always embarrassed with the pride, but in any case I consider this photo, as my "master piece". This evening, the sunset was magnificent. At the blue hour, it was an awesome show. The most difficult was to execute at best the digital blending on Photoshop, with the various exposures I had shot before.

My favorite place to shoot is...

beynac by thierrydulau

I'm also passionate about history. It was amazing to be present on  a beautiful summer evening in front of this medieval village, dominated by this magnificent castle, it was a real pleasure. I still remember with emotion when the lightings ignited gradually. I was obliged to shot a beautiful photo with a site so magnificent.

One of my favorite photos on ViewBug is...

Vertex by GTorre_PH

What a wonderful capture! I hope that one day I will able to shoot the beautiful Louvre Museum. This place is awesome, this photo is really well done, with this perfect symmetry and this blue hour … Love it!

One of my favorite photographers on ViewVug is peppetorre

I discovered peppetorre few weeks ago with his awesome photo of the Louvre Museum, and all his work is very well done. His photos are very beautiful, with awesome light and retouching technique.

These are 3 quick tips I’d like to share with fellow photographers:

1. I shoot landscape and architecture at blue hour, try to do this for better results. It's the perfect moment to shoot castles, cities, and villages. The contrast between the blue sky and warm lights is so fantastic.

2. I shoot on location, multiples exposures, and I do digital blending on photoshop, to recover the dynamics of the scene.

3. Once the digital blending has been done, I work with photoshop to adjust colour balance, luminosity, contrast and local retouching.

Nérac / Lot-et-Garonne by thierrydulau

One photo that was difficult to shoot was...

Saint-Jean-de-Luz / Pays basque by thierrydulau

I had difficulty finding a a place to park my car, and I had to run to arrive in time, to be able to hope to capture this attractive Saint-Jean-de-Luz harbour before the nightfall.