"I find inspiration when I see all photographers around me do their stuff. I look at their result and try to figure out how it was done and if I could do something similar or maybe how I would have done it differently. I also find inspiration when looking at other people, i.e. not the photographers, doing the things they love. I try to feel what they feel when they do their thing and show it in my pictures. Some times it works. Some times it doesn’t."  - ViewBug community member Pilapix

Skycat waving by pilapix

7 Things you can learn from ViewBug member pilapix:

1. I love photography because I love to try to make pictures that I myself want to look at. If someone else likes it too it is a great bonus and it makes me very happy when someone clicks like on one of my pictures. The camera is my tool since I can’t draw or paint good enough to do it otherwise.

Red Bull challenger Daniel Ryfa above Abu Dhabi by pilapix

2. My cameras let me see stuff I wouldn’t see otherwise, in more than one way. Partly due to technical reasons - if I use a big lens I actually can see further J. Partly due to when walking around with a couple of big cameras and matching lenses I tend to get invited to interesting places, like up in an airplane strapped in some kind of harness not to fall out when taking pictures air-to-air. Once I even got shoveled in to the media stand on a big sports event without a press card (but I was stupid enough to point out their mistake – next time I’ll just tag along!).

North American P-51D Mustang by pilapix

3. One of the photos I am most proud of is "sunset upside down" because there were so many unknown elements when it was to be taken. The managing director and first pilot of Scandinavian Airshow, Jacob Holländer, had a specific (and terrific, and terrifying!) idea about what he wanted as a picture. He said “I want a picture of the wingwalker girl on the wing, when upside down, when rolling and… yeah, a sunset in the background!” I said “Ok, lets do it.” All right. That was not what I said, but it sounds good ;) What I really said was: “Jacob, I hate to roll and I give you no promises whatsoever.” I would be sitting in the front seat of the “Catwalk” (an airplane of the type GRUMMAN G-164A Ag-Cat) where there is no canopy and keep hold of all my gear and hopefully press the right button at the right time in the right direction. Well, we rolled and we succeeded and I dropped nothing out of the airplane.

4. I like to shoot wherever there is something interesting happening. For me it is mainly the feeling of the place/thing/whatever that is important, not exactly one type of picture or one type of place. But if I should narrow it down I love nature, preferably with some animals in it, animals without nature or people with or without airplanes or animals. So the ultimate picture would probably be a person with some animals and an airplane in an interesting combo.


5. I was asked to pick “One of my favorite photos on ViewBug” and describe what it makes me feel. This turned out to be an impossible task for me. There are so many wonderful and stunning pictures that I can’t single one specific one out. I feel both gratitude to (for sharing and showing that taking/making it is possible) and sometimes also envy (not in the sour grumpy way, but in a wish-I-would-have-been-there-too-way) of all of you talented photographers who got just that picture that makes me think, “Wow – I wish I had taken that!”

6. Then I was asked to pick one of my favorite photographers on ViewBug. Ok, this is almost as hard as picking just one picture, but I pick JamieLawsonPhotography because of the excellent post processing and brilliant fantasy the pictures are showing.

7. These are 3 quick tips I’d like to share with fellow photographers:

- See the picture before it is taken

- Know your gear

-Love/feel for what you are trying to capture.

happy skycat & crazy cat driver by pilapix

Spiderman by pilapix


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