These are 10 insights into ViewBug community member MariaBander's photography. You'll enjoy these and will probably find that you have some things in common:

1. I love photography because:

It's exciting! I love to be outside. I love the nature and my heart beats for this wonderful Earth. I love to capture natural wonderful moments. You get out to get your head free and find a piece of your soul.

2. My camera lets me:

Express my artistic vision and passion for photography – as well as my love of nature and the outdoors.
Sometimes I feel like a kid in a candy store. So much to shoot, so much to see, so much to explore! At the beginning when I explored a wonderful location I took picture after picture and I just wanted to run around and shooting everything. It’s still hard for me to stop that, come down, sit and just have look at the light and the feeling I get from the place.

3. I find inspiration when:

I can have the best time in the world, breathing the fresh air, smelling the salty taste of the ocean, the wind is blowing through my hair and i'm feeling the sun rays on my skin. It's like dancing with the nature.

4. One of the photos I am most proud of is:

Because to come to this place was very difficult. It was raining since days. Hard fighting with Trillions of Midges, heavy terrain, hiking for hours through bog and not other people for miles and miles at all. Suddenly the sun came out. I pitched my little light weight tent at the edge of that cliff, 30 meters above the Atlantic and I slept there for one night. It was absolutely pure magic.

5. My favorite place to shoot is:

Every Coastline i can get to. I love shooting flowing water, Sun, Wind and stormy weather.

6. One of my favorite photos on ViewBug is:

Wisdom of life experience, beauty of age and the value of life. I would ask this dignified lady what she has already experienced and I would love to hear her story and share her memories. Would like to chat with her, learn from her the one or the other way of life and embrace her in goodbye. Apart from this, this portrait is also technically a masterpiece of photography.

7. My favorite lens is:

It depends on what I want to shoot. But for the landscape it's, without any doubt, the Nikkor 14-24 mm, 2.8.

8. These are 3 quick tips I would like to share with fellow photographers:

Try to be spontaneous and just do photography for yourself. And enjoy the moment!
Having good gear does help you feel more confident and comfortable taking pictures. Choose well!
Try to learn as much as you can from people that are much better than you. Listen to them and ask!

9. My favorite item in my camera bag is:

My Manfrotto carbon fiber tripod. Easy and quick to handle and solid like a rock, even with heavy stuff on it. Worth every penny.

10. If I could shoot a dream location it would be:

I'm a newbie and regret that I do not have much time to travel. Most of my pictures are photographed within 4 trips in Europe. I have a 12 year old daughter, I am a single mom, working full-time. I hope that I can travel to some of my dream destinations in some years. If i could choose now it would be the Antarctic for sure. What a unique breathtaking landscape; rough and untouched nature, wonderful animals and amazing icebergs. This piece of Earth would be really the dream of my lifetime as a photographer.

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