Viewbug community member GaryCummins is a creative photographer living in Toronto and loves among other things to destroy glass and shoot liquid as it is being manipulated.

I love photography because it’s my creative outlet. Everyone has some type of creativity in them. It comes in many shapes and forms. Whether it’s through art, music, writing, storytelling, singing, dancing etc, we all have it. It’s what makes us special.

Photography for me is a way to detach from my weekly routine. It’s my own type of meditation. Going to the studio or walking the streets, it gets me to my calm place. I have learned to really appreciate it in a way that gives me more purpose beyond my day job.

I work long hours during the week and even though I do not shoot every weekend I am always thinking of new ideas. This is part of my process as it helps me see things in a different way and I am constantly looking around me, never taking my surroundings for granted, thinking of the next shot but never forcing it. It must come naturally.
That’s what I love about photography, it grabs my imagination.

My camera lets me put my imagination out there for other people to see. I have had some crazy ideas that didn’t quite work out as I would have liked. Those you don’t get to see but when I study a process and carefully plan it out, good things can happen. I’m not good at painting or writing so it makes me happy when I can show what my brain is thinking through my camera.

I find inspiration when I least expect it. I like to try different styles of photography as it keeps things interesting. This also helps me improve. I can be sitting watching tv and any number of ideas can come to mind. These for me are the best moments. That, or coming across a spot in a city that projects an image into my head.

One of the photos I am most proud of is “Warp Speed” because it worked out exactly how I had imagined it. This was a photo that was inspired by simply driving up a hill in Toronto. I have made the trip up this hill many times but one night out of nowhere it screamed "long exposure" between the streetcars(trams).
Kind of like an "ah-ha" moment. So with the help of my wife we took the shot. We took three photos to get the composite. Truthfully, I have been incredibly lucky this year to have been able to push my imagination and get some good results. It was a tough choice.

My favorite place to shoot is anywhere and everywhere because I’m such a mixed bag and I can’t pick just one. I go through phases of studio shoots and urban exploration. It’s all in the moment. I like to use the studio on days of less than favorable weather and go outside when it’s a sunny day with nice clouds in the sky that I can use in my photography. We live in a world that has so much to offer, we must make the most of it, even if that means shooting indoors.

One of my favorite photos on ViewBug is "Standing on the edge" by arpandas. It makes me feel a great sense of vastness and movement. The scene as a whole grabbed me instantly and made me want to experiment in composites. I am a supporter of seeing, learning, practicing and producing the final product through trial and error. It’s ok to make mistakes and learn from them.

This photo pushed me to take on different ideas and it helped me improve, which brings me back to my previous point: If you see something you like that you want to try, do some investigation, get all the necessary tools and try it out. Only good things can come from it!

My favorite lens is my Nikkor AF-S 24-70mm f2.8. It’s just a solid mid range lens. Great quality that can cover good landscapes right up to excellent street photography close ups.

These are 3 quick tips I’d like to share with fellow photographers:
1. Get inspired! The world is at our fingertips and we are all sparked by different things. You’ll know it when you see it.
2. Research. When you find what you like and want to give it a try, start investigating. There are so many tutorials online to find ways to create your vision. It’s a little daunting at the start but very worth it in the end.
3. Practice, Practice, Practice!!! We all have to start somewhere. It can be frustrating to begin with but as you get to know your camera and what you like, you will find it gets easier every time you press that shutter.

My favorite item in my camera bag is my ND1000 filter. It’s a simple addition but such an effective one which allows for super long exposures during the day.

If I could shoot one dream location it would be Iceland because it just looks so good there. I see photos of it everyday and have the best intentions to go there this year. That will be the top of the bucket list ticked off for sure!