ViewBug community member paulbaybut tries to capture the different qualities of each person. He photographs depending on the theme, with models he will enhance what he sees with pose techniques to exaggerate the visual impact.

Autumn Warmth by paulbaybut

How do you know if your images are visually interesting?
If an image excites my mind visually and has beauty and interest then I deem it visually interesting.

Do you think about perspective when you shoot?
I always think about the whole picture; leading lines, angles, position, framing, cropping, blurring areas and focusing on others to create a dynamic image.

HM6A1729-E3-Final-tagweb by paulbaybut

Do you use tripod or flash?
I never use a tripod as my style is fast and free, they seem to slow me down in my thought process. Yes I often use flash if I need to overpower the sun or create beautiful ambience in a dark setting. I love flash and natural light equally.

What time of the day do you prefer to shoot?
Best time for me is late afternoon, early evening when the sun has lowered in the sky and that golden magical light appears.

From Swinton with Love by paulbaybut

Are you looking for a unique subject?
I am drawn to anything beautiful though usually females with striking curves and powerful sensuality in their eyes.

How are you choosing to stay close or far from the subject?
I rarely shoot close up, preferring a full or half figure image when I shoot people and as I do lots of location photography that is something I also like to keep in the frame, so I shoot further away from my subjects to capture the environment as well as themselves.

Kitty by paulbaybut

Do you think of of rule of thirds/how?
Not at all, consciously anyway, I usually know what I like when I see it and then refine it until I am satisfied with the result.

Do you think of symmetry or reflections?
I rarely think about symmetry, maybe if I am shooting a close-up beauty portrait or a reflection scene with water I might, but usually I like things to be a little juxtaposed and angled.

Mutual Respect by paulbaybut

Do you pay attention to the subject only or also background and why?
100% I pay attention to both subject and background, they have to work in harmony with each other, they have to look convincing and not fake or staged uneasily.

What do you prefer; B&W vs color?
Mainly colour but some images only work in black and white and they do have a classical and timeless appeal.

Summertime Blues by paulbaybut

What mistake do you see photographers doing often?
They concentrate too much on the model's her face and body and not the finer details like hands and feet which are essential to perfect the final image especially the overall pose. Fine details like hair and jewelery in the correct position too is important.

What is your most important lesson you’ve learned that has improved your photography?
Be creative, relax and don't let the technical side bog you down. A creative eye is key. Experiment.