What is culture? Culture is the characteristics and knowledge of a particular group of people defined by everything from religion, language, cuisine, music, social habits and shared patterns of behaviors and interactions. Our community member Nuttawut Jaroenchai (Nuttawut) from Thailand is fascinated by travel and different cultures. Nuttawut is inspired by culture and want to show the how different people around the world love very different lives. Enjoy our conversation!

Can you tell us about yourself and your background?

My name is Nuttawut Jaroenchai and I am a Thai photographer. I actually work at a company as an IT officer, but on my free time (usually on the weekends) I go outside and shoot some pictures. I was born in a small village in northeast Thailand.

When did you first think about becoming a photographer?
I do not know exactly when, but I have been interested in photography for around 3 years now. I love to travel and see new places of the world, and in the beginning I just wanted to capture the moment and has it as a memory in form of a photo. After time I fell in love with photography so I tried to improve my skills and become a photographer.

Where do you get your photographic inspiration from?
I spend my time surfing through the internet, searching for interesting photos at websites just as ViewBug.

Do you have any influencers?
Culture is something that inspires me.

What is your favorite subject to shoot?
My favorite subject to shoot is people from different cultures.

What is your favorite gear to shoot with?
I use Nikon dx format so my favorite gear is Nikon 35 mm f1.8 dx because of the focal range is pretty good for portrait and I can open wide aperture.

When you go in one of your travels, what do you take with you? Why?
I always take my camera with me and always carry it around with me - until the very end of the trip. I do not want to miss the opportunity to get a good photo.

How do you educate yourself to take better pictures?
I am self-taught. I have learnt a lot from the internet and then tried to put it in practice. Sometimes I have given myself an assignment and others I have joined a trip with interesting people where I could learn from them as well.

What it is you want to say with your photographs?
I try to tell the story of people and their cultures through my photos. I do not know it's good or not but I try to keep it as a story.

How do you actually get your photographs to do that?
I actually search for information before the trip and prepare to get the good shot.

B&W or color, what do you prefer and why?
I always shoot color photos but I like to watch B&W photos because I like the feeling of these.

For more great photos taken by Nuttawut, visit his profile, website, Instagram and Facebook page.