Dramatic skies, mighty storms and impressive light. Ryan Wunsch (RyanWunsch) captures it all and composes it to magnificent images. Ryan is a landscape photographer that, with much patience, wait for Mother Earth to show some of her best sides on the prairie landscapes of Leader Saskatchewan, CA. His next adventure will be in Tornado Alley in the U.S. where Ryan will be following large storms and photographing them. Talk about a spectacular experience!

What inspired you to be a photographer?
I have enjoyed taking photos since I was in highschool in the 90’s. The idea of preserving something that can be viewed years later has always attracted me to the hobby.

What was your first camera and what do you shoot with today?
My first digital camera was a Sony that stored low quality photos on a 3.5’’ floppy disk, purchased in 1999. Today I have a Canon 6D as well as a 7DmkII and a selection of L grade lenses.

When someone looks at your photos, what do you want them to take away from it, what are you trying to communicate?
I would like the viewer to see beauty in something that they may not normally have thought was beautiful. I also hope to capture a moody and haunting feel in many of my photographs that leaves an impact.

What is it that you love about photography?
Everything. Exploring, finding a subject, composing the photo, editing the photo as well as sharing them online are all things I enjoy.

What has photography done for you?
It gives me a reason to get outside and go exploring. I have made many good friendships and met new people who are interested in storm chasing and photographing abandonment.

Do you try to be conceptual or do you prefer to show the feeling behind a photo?
I don’t overthink it, and go with my gut. I don’t follow any set rules of composition for the sake of just doing so. I hope my photos will be beautiful, a bit haunting and impactful.

How do you describe your style?
Still in development. My style seems to continue to evolve a bit. I don’t try to follow other photographers styles, I’ve learned to trust my gut.

If you had to choose one lens which one would it be and why?
I really like my 16-35mm L. I have owned it for approximately one year but it allows me to capture the expansive foregrounds and big prairie skies that I love to photograph. It has been the best purchase I have made for my style.

What are your 3 tips for others who want to become better photographers?
1) The rule of thirds is just a guideline. Learn it, use it, and then when you break it you will know why.
2) Photograph what you love, what inspires you. Edit your photos how you like, don’t worry about pleasing your audience. People who like your style will find you.
3)Make a lot of mistakes and learn from them. Digital photos are free, when you are just getting started take a lot of photos and see which ones work, and which ones don’t. I have learned more from the photos that did not work than I have from those that did.

Have you received negative feedback from your work? What did you do about it?
If it is constructive criticism and I have done something wrong or it can help me become a better photographer, I will try to learn from it. From time to time someone on social media will tell me they don’t personally like a certain picture, or that I did something wrong in their opinion. I usually politely thank them for their input, tell them I am sorry they do not like it and then don’t let it bug me and move on.

Where did you learn to take photos?
I took an intro to DSLR course after buying my first DSLR to learn which buttons did what. I do have many books and some videos, but I find I have learned the most by just getting out there and taking a lot of pictures.

Raw vs jpg and why?
Raw. Memory cards are cheap, taking jpg photos of the best aurora display you have ever seen with the wrong white balance and not being able to do anything about it is not. Raw files allow for finer edits. Also, I print and sell my photos in large formats and I would lose detail and quality if I shot only jpg.

What do you carry in your camera bag?
6D, 7DmkII, 24-70mm 2.8 L (portraits and some scenery), 100-400 II L (wildlife, moon, distant lightning) 16-35mm 2.8 L (landscapes, abandonment, night shots, most storms) – A manfrotto tripod and heads, Milano carbon fiber tripod, 580 ex II flash, various flash triggers, extra batteries, extra memory cards, and couple of remote triggers.

If you could have the gift of a great photographer who would it be and why?
I’d have to be unoriginal and say Ansel Adams. Every photo of his I have seen moves me. He had “the knack” which can’t be taught or learned.

What is the most common mistake you see people making when shooting these days?
Not taking the time to compose a photo that is interesting and will have impact and move the viewer.

What is your dream location to shoot?
I would really like to photograph an abandoned, overgrown amusement park. The contrast between a place that once provided so much joy to kids, and the haunting derelict look of a place that is no longer cared for by anyone has always fascinated me.

How do you decide on where to shoot a photo?
One of my favorite pastimes is to go cruising around on backroads looking for something new (to me) to photograph. I will often photograph them as I find them. I do have many locations in my head and on GPS, so I can pick one that works for a sunrise, sunset, summer storms or night shots.

What is next for you? Any planned adventures with your camera?
I will be spending a week in Tornado Alley in the U.S following large storms and photographing them. I have never chased storms in Tornado Alley, so I am really looking forward to it.

What is your goal with your photography?
To take photos that I enjoy, but also photos that people can look at and recognize as being something that I photographed.

For more photos taken by Ryan visit his profile and website.