ViewBug community member LisaAnfisa is a portrait, still life and wedding photographer residing in Minsk, Belarus. As a natural creative, her love for photography as a form of expression became her ultimate path and career in 2010.

The Magic realism as a very interesting trend of American art in 1930-1950 inspired Tatsiana Tsyhanova to create several photos of strange women who have very special mood and unusual features of their faces. The eyes of these women are always watching you, no matter where you are but they always keep an eye contact with the viewer.

The women dresses are old-fashioned, their hair is simple and the background is dark because Tatsiana draws attention to the women faces and honest emotions. The photographer doesn't show the modern trends of beauty in photography but give the viewers the sense of unreality and leads into atmosphere of mystery.

The portraits of this author are filled by the dark and the light balancing each other. The photographer isn't afraid of the dark side in the photos though a lot of viewers try to avoid it. Tatsiana Tsyhanova doesn't only do photo shoots but she creates the scenes rooted in her soul. Tatsiana's portraits are original and conceptual.