Thank you to all the photographers that shared their color psychology photos showing how color affects mood in the Colors and Mood Photo Contest in collaboration with our friends at ADORAMAPIX!

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Sturgeon Bay Lighthouse" by ratulmaiti

Congratulations Amateur Winner "A Blooming Tulip " by MarissaJane

Congratulations Runner Up "Eternal pink" by alejandrof777

Congratulations Runner Up "kvænangsfjellet" by Eventyr

Congratulations Runner Up "Golden fragance" by Dolcefoto

Congratulations Runner Up "Overturned" by LorenzoNadalini

Congratulations Runner Up "Place of peace" by atanudutta

Congratulations People's Choice "Darkness is coming..." by fosyrock

"Autumn Reflections" by jhags1313

"Golden Glow" by keithtrueman

"IMG_0650" by jarretharvey

"Winter tundra" by Kuzhilev

"Stuck in the Mud" by RyanWunsch

"Tassie 2014" by simonbonny

"Le magnifique Mont Saint-Michel" by GustavoCabral

"Amos" by timmymarsee

"Sunset Paddle" by tracymunson

"Boathouse in sunset" by thomastepstadberge

"Deer" by Fotostyle-Schindler

"Rainbow Shed" by albertdros

"Osteospermum" by adspruijt

"Gold" by YuliyVasilev

"Foggy Road" by ClementGuegan

"Mist down under Mesa Arch" by Tammy_Lee

"Blood and Thunder." by Resonantfoto

"Happiness is... running with a stick!!" by ceciliazuccherato

"Brauning Lake_Vanishing" by TimSmith67

"Rose" by AlreadyTooFarGone

"Blue Ridge Reflections" by kathykuhn100

"Aberthaw" by garethwilliams

"Taroona Beach Sunset" by LilLizPhotograPhy

"One Early Morning in Bromo" by aluisius

"Aurora Borealis in Iceland" by carmenioneanu

"The "Boneyard"" by frank_delargy

"Emerald Lake " by pjwedig

"Lonely tree in valensole" by paolobubu

"Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica" by sergiovindas

"Moonlit Blue Lava Bench" by warrenfintz

"Gibson Steps Beach / Great Ocean Road, VIC, OZ" by CraigGreenPhotography

"Fiery Farmland" by chrisfridley

"Colors of the Night" by JulianneBradford

"untitled--6" by mhrdld

"The end of the shift" by swqaz

"Morning sun on sand dunes copy" by MarieJordan

"Sunset By The Rocks" by lito

"Huts" by milkyway

"Sunrise over Vermillion Lakes" by Andy_Hu

"autumn colors" by okrakaro

"That Wanaka Tree" by paulkleynhans

"Serenity at dawn" by caitlinelise

"contrast of colour" by phillticehurst

"Winter Wonderland" by michaelrowlandson

"30's Glamor" by Karsun-Designs

"Turið" by lydiahansen

"Heavenly sunrise" by rukaratangente

"Ice cold sunshine" by icemanphotos

"Giraffe at Breakfast" by charlotterhodes

"Morning Light" by PortrartCreations

"Morning mood !! " by philippedebruyne

"Sunflower" by BrianaK

"Midnight Blues" by BRIN

"Leading into the Fog" by justineking

"The fog is coming in" by stevenwilliams

"The harmony of equilibrium" by ClauDS

"Spring evening" by saintek

"Follow the lines " by Andreas_Voigt

"Abandoned House" by lindapepper

"Renaissance Festival" by dannybrown

"Duffus at sunset" by peteswierczek

"Early Bird" by ClaudiaSheils

"Camping under the Stars" by Mack_Photography

"Dream on!" by caligsd

"Admiral" by stevo1591

"Muriwai Beach Sunset" by Hannahsdreamz

"Mt. Bromo Sunrise" by hemasaran

"Stil Life - Asters in Vase" by gldosa

"Coastal Dreams" by christopherhawkinsimages

"Drop-out" by AnjaWessels

"Feather" by Stefygo23

"Morning Alone on Red Sky " by bertonisiswanto

"Lake Michigan Sunset" by Jennifergoode

"Rose" by NinaKling

"Japanese Maple 2" by stevehostetler

"Sunset over the Arno River, Florence, Italy" by AMills

"Fall Colors in Gorbea" by leireunzueta

"Head in the Fog" by elainejohnstonschuch

"One way to mistery" by AndrasDiana

"Manarola Magic" by aaronchoiphoto

"Days End" by scottfinney

"Underwater" by deborahsaul

"image" by Bobby2Banfield

"IMG_8917 " by lilbar

"Capones Island" by olicruz

"Thunderstorm at Bear Butte " by KendraKPK

"Baltic Sunset" by paschi

"Blazing reflection " by amyhinton

"I spy Little Miss Hope" by jennakrinsley

"Melody of Sadness" by chandrasugiharto

"Infinity" by krvarga

"Elbow Falls Sunset" by chadmcmahon

"Golden Sunset" by marcoantonioperna