Thank you to all the photographers that shared their  beauty of Paris in the City Of Love Photo Contest with chances to win a Instant Print Digital Camera and more!

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Solli Kanani for her collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. I'm a photographer based in Paris where I also organize photo-tours. It was the City of Light that gave birth to my passion for photography a few years ago when I moved here from Sweden. I have a great desire to wander in distant places, to explore off the beaten path and that is why I'm constantly traveling, near the sea or in the nature. The energy I find there is not only a great resource to my soul but it also enriches me with inspiration and lifelong memories. With my photos I wish to share what I see and experience.

"In restless dreams I walked alone" by marcwildpassion

"Vertex" by GTorre_PH

"Eiffel Tower" by Prive

"Eiffel Tower " by Davidd25

"I'm watching you" by zenit

"Curves, Paris" by markAPR

"Gargoyle on Notre-Dame" by jaybirmingham

"Paris" by valentinadalia

"Peaceful" by (A)vanOgtropPhotography

"Sky on Fire" by rowanke

"Rue du Mont Cenis" by nathanael_photos

"Movement in the city" by elenapardini

"When the sun goes down" by carmenioneanu

"Notre Soleil" by bitterer

"Eiffel Tower from Bir-Hakeim bridge" by alindinu

"Louvre" by Ivan_Bertusi

"Eiffel Tower" by nakul

"Ponte di Sant'Angelo " by Milkywayhunters

"Eiffel tower at sunset " by georgepapapostolou

"Arc de Triomphe " by JeffAlexander

"Yohann LIBOT " by yohannlibot

"Architecture in paris " by massimilianoagati

"LE LOUVRE " by Missklik

"Lookin up" by onalie

"Beautiful Paris" by (A)CarolParcell