Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best nature images in the Celebrating Nature Photo Contest with chances to win a Canon 5D MK III body or Nikon D800 body and more!

A special thanks to friend and professional photographer Michiel Pieters for his collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. Michiel is a 26 year old, self taught freelance photographer based in Beringen, Belgium. He discovered his love for outdoor photography while on a road trip through New Zealand in the beginning of 2015. His work nowadays focuses mainly on the feeling he got being on the road for the very first time: Adventure. To offer a documentation of his travels on a constant basis, he uses different media platforms such as Instagram. Where with a combined following of approximately 300,000 he quickly became one of Belgium's biggest (outdoor) influencers.

"Wolf pack and prey " by vladcech

"Whalin Around With Dolphins " by KaszPhotoCreative

"divided paradise " by romainbarats

"Prairie Fire " by dyanpratt

"King Penguins at peak " by Jdmccranie

"Just Nature " by iordandanielteodorescu

"Barely Hanging On " by picturedrox

"Winter Day " by RickAustin

"Skogafoss " by alfonsomasedavarela

"Air Snowy - Snowy Owl " by JimCumming

"Photogenic Tornado " by francislavignetheriault

"**** " by AlexS

"Angelic Owl " by natosed

"Kirkjufellfoss " by wildlifemoments

"Somewhere on the river " by MyPhotoBase

"morraine lake sunrise " by ronsantini

"Sumatran Tiger " by JSJPhotography

"The guardian " by tizianamudu

"Mediterranean Seascape " by Giimages

"Jaws " by mattmarchant

"TREASURED " by CreationScape

"The island " by vladimirchuyko

"Mountains, waterfall, airairial " by Olderelder

"Vestrahorn Surrounded " by Dantes_View

"Antelope Canyon " by BensViewfinder

"Osprey fishing 1 at Hornmill 2017 " by Cinderellastory

"Dunseverick Moods " by LMK_Photography

"light and shadow " by maperick

"5N9A5956 Final " by stephenleonardi

"the King " by bendikstalheim

"Haifoss " by bengreenphotography

"Slip Down " by sergioabellovillanueva

"Light Bender " by ryanbuchanan

"Golden eagle in boreal forest (2) " by TendrelImages

"Pied Kingfisher with Fish " by SURREALIMAGE

"Glacier meets Hooker Lake " by travisdaldy

"Magical Moments " by PNWnative

"Ocean Lava Entry " by MasonLakePhoto

"Aguila Real_01A3785 " by pilardazgmez

"Grey pup cleaning " by janehodges

"Todd " by ericamo10

"Tacolneston twin rainbows " by Pete_Rowbottom

"Rainy Superstition " by wayneslandphotography

"Chance Encounter " by hiyahercfarm

"AM4W5754 " by markcowne

"Inquisitive " by NedBurrell

"Chestnut Breasted Coronets " by Hymakar

"Remmi in the heath " by AAPhotography-byAlina

"Osprey fishy " by andreestevez

"Soaking In Iceland " by MitchChristofferson

"Jokulsarlon Sunset " by AMills

"Down to Skogafoss " by JulienBeyrath

"Majesty " by Discover_Abruzzo

"The watering hole " by mbernholdt

"Apparition " by WildSeascapes

"Chilling in the mud " by christophergrobler

"trolltunga " by hasmonaut

"Dartmoor Pony " by RichardShore

"Guardian of the Clam " by questforwildlife

"Mapoza Male " by Gregmorambo

"Joy " by LPonTour-ErikaValkovicova

"The cave " by Markus_van_Hauten

"Seljalandsfoss " by Rodrigueelhajj

"norway " by laurentwach

"Zion National Park Overlook " by (A)ks_pics

"Dusk Duo " by (A)nicolajhors

"SnowBirds " by (A)Spider1987

"moo " by (A)MariLaegreid

"Sweet Creek Falls Oregon " by (A)Mspradlin

"Hammerhead On " by (A)MattWFrost

"The Suitor waterfall, Geirangerfjord, Norway " by (A)arnaslucinskas

"The lady of the water. " by (A)mattiabonavida

"Epitope " by (A)Art-hax

"Papa Nicolas Cave " by (A)miroslavivanov

"Elephant Stare Down " by (A)SamuelJBogle

"Sunset in the Mountains " by svetlana56

"Diamond Sunset " by JuniorLC

"Cathedral Rock Kiama " by TrevJel

"Baby Bubbles " by larrybeard

"Portuguese man of war " by (A)LauraMedina

"Mirror " by lszlpotozky

"Leopard in Moremi " by andytaylor756

""Water Fall" " by ericbennett

"Devotion " by nina050

"African sunset " by Jtrojer

"Chinstrap Chicks " by alanpeterson

"Roadtripping South Europe " by ArtistaVivente

"Swim " by Beyerphoto

"Dinner Time " by (A)LG_Photo

"Shiraito Falls " by MatthewKou

"Animals in cage " by Lopez980

"Munching Snail " by FalconEyesPhotography

"finland brown bear " by Niqueki

"Acorn " by josephrotford

"Dawn at the Crown Range " by lake_of_tranquility

"Gentoo Penguin in Gerlache " by ingeseverinsen


"Dear Peyto " by AntonioMarchetti

"Bezjak waterfall " by (A)ninofrelih

" " by michellevallese

"Passage of time " by Vojtech_Hruza

"The Gathering " by impmagination