Carters Baby of the Month is a photography contest for parents of children between 1 day and 1 year old living in the US, the District of Columbia, United States territories (including APO/FPO military addresses), and Puerto Rico. Organized by the well-known baby and children apparel store, the contest gained popularity fast. The chance of winning $500 and the Baby of the Month title encourages parents to capture the best poses of their little ones and try to make them famous. Furthermore, Carter’s also awards the Baby of the Year prize and rewards it with a professional photo shoot and a lifetime supply of Carter’s products.


However, the Carters Baby of the Month contest is not the only baby photo contest your talented little model can win. If you want a more straightforward chance to showcase your baby photos, Viewbug’s Baby Photo Contest is the contest for you.

First of all, anyone can enter Viewbug’s Baby Photo Contest as long as Amazon can deliver their prize and PayPal can send you any money win. Then, there is no age restriction for your child. Last but not least, a large community of photography enthusiasts will see your photos, give valuable feedback, and encourage you to become a better photographer. So here is everything you need to know about the best alternative to the Carters Baby of the Month contest.

Viewbug Baby of the Month – The Best Carters Contest Alternative

Viewbug’s Baby Photo Contest takes place each month. You have five weeks to upload your best photograph of your baby. You can only enter one image. Then, an expert jury will deliberate and choose the winner. The jury appreciates creativity, personality, and uniqueness. Capture the most candid, funny, or heartwarming moments of your little one.

In addition, participating photographs are displayed in an online gallery, and the Viewbug community gets to see them all and choose their favorite. The Community Featured Photographer will also receive a prize.


Viewbug’s Baby Photo Contest awards the Grand Jury Winner with a Canon EOS Mark II mirrorless camera and 15-45mm f/3.5-6.3 STM lens. The prize’s value exceeds $1,000. In addition, the winner will receive 50 VIEWBUG coins to spend as they wish on Viewbug goodies.


The People’s Choice winner will receive the Community Featured Photographer title and 50 VIEWBUG coins.

Popular Submissions

The most popular submissions have a high place in Viewbug’s gallery. Community members get to rate them as award-deserving, masterpieces, excellent compositions, impressive creativity, or simply as their favorite. They can also reward the photographer with VIEWBUG coins and encouraging messages.


Unlike the Carters Baby of the Month contest, Viewbug’s Baby Photo Contest is not so much prize-oriented (although the prize is very good) as it is community-oriented. Newcomers are welcomed and receive step-by-step encouragement and support from the community. Besides the pride of showcasing the best photos of your baby, you learn how to become a better photographer, find inspiration, and receive feedback.

Previous Winners

Speaking of inspiration, you can check out the photos of previous winners as they remain forever in Viewbug’s archives. Studying the winning photos helps you understand the contest’s criteria better, improve your technical and composition skills, and find your voice as a photographer.


You’ll also notice that Viewbug invites all aesthetics and photography genres. You may want to photograph your baby in black and white to create a cinematic look. Or you may prefer a pastel palette that suits your cute little princess better. You may go for funny moments or incredibly sweet ones. There are no limits when it comes to creativity and storytelling.

More Baby Photo Competitions like the Carters Baby Photo Contest

Whether you choose Carters Baby of the Month or Viewbug’s Baby Photo Contest, you don’t have to settle for a single photo contest. You probably have lots of beautiful pictures of your child. So why not enroll in several competitions and increase your chances to a win? There are plenty of good alternatives to the Carters Baby Photo Contest out there. Choose your best photographs and give them a try.



Q: How do I enter Viewbug's baby photo contest?

A: Create a free account and upload your best photos. Then, with a simple and free sign-up, enroll in the competition with one photo of your baby. That’s it! Now you can sit back and relax, watching how the Viewbug community rates your image and waiting for the jury’s results.

Q: What is Carters baby photo contest?

A: Carters Baby Photo Contest is a monthly photo competition organized by the children apparel store Carter’s. It’s a contest for parents who are also amateur photographers and not a professional photo competition. The winner receives a $500 prize and the chance to win the Baby of the Year title.