ViewBug community member Denis09 is mostly into portraits and landscape photography and shared with us his top tips to capturing the right color in your photos.

1. Choose the right place.

If you want to shoot colors, go to places where you know you'll find interesting and various colors. The picture below was taken in Burano, a small village on an island near Venice in Italy. This place is very well known for its colored houses. 

2. Know the chromatic wheel.

Some color associations are more pleasing than others. Knowing your chromatic wheel will help you to add interest and a natural feeling to your pictures.


3. Pay attention to the weather. 

Natural light has a direct impact on the subject's color: a lot of light will lighten the color and less light will darken it. Hard light will also generate hard shadows. Try to shoot on bright cloudy days, you will have a nice light that will help you to keep the color uniform.

4. Be aware of your surroundings.

When you're walking, be aware of what surrounds you: colors, light, composition, details, etc. Think of and analyze your environment with your photography skills in mind.

5. Know the composition rules but trust your brain.

The composition rules are important and must be known,  but trust your brain, it will naturally love harmonious things with beautiful proportions

6. Always shoot RAW.

You should always shoot RAW even if the post-processing is not so important to you. Post-processing is great to make your colors stand out and look more vibrant. Raw will give you more possibilities than JPG and will help in keeping the image quality.

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