Thank you to all the photographers that shared their favorite shots of the Milky Way in this photo contest with chances to win a MeFOTO RoadTrip Aluminum Travel Tripod  and more!

A special thanks to friend and professional photographer Ollie Nordh for his collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest: "I'm Ollie Nordh a 21years old Stockholm based photographer focusing on travel/lifestyle. My goal is to inspire people to see the world from a different perspective and learn to find new angle and ways to capture their environment. "

"Mi Fuego2 " by albertdros

"Milkyway Pano " by Ozscapes

"The amazing Ausangate. Cusco, Peru " by sergiovindas

"Stars over mar menor " by villeheino

"Milky Way and Turrialba Volcano " by EduOak

"Age of Stones " by dustpixxByFabioAntenore

"Summer Night Reflections " by DAVIDBLAKLEYPHOTOGRAPHY

"Over the top " by Blionbg

"Cosmic Canyon " by ryanbuchanan

" Zion Milky Way with Springdale Lights " by kathymuhle

"Carson River Under The Stars " by BobKendrick

"-THE OLD TREE " by Luka180

"Country Sky " by Nichols7398

"The Church of the Good Shepherd " by GkCM

"Andes Skies " by rcscharf

"Night Cliffs " by wildlifemoments

"The legend " by maurocirigliano

"Annual Rings " by TonyLaw

"Rio Segura " by JoseDRiquelme

"Latidude 62.4 " by GiulioCobianchiPhoto

"Cloudy night " by Atheights

"Aoraki Stellar Eruption " by iamcordz

"Chaco Canyon Night " by alishaclarke

"Mirror Lake Milky Way " by Chris_McKellen

"Ghost " by corymarshall

"Milky Way Lifeguard Tower " by GBinFWB

"Tenerife - Zapato de la Reina - MilkyWayBow " by Dflorenzi

"Starry night at the 5 Towers " by MaurizioCasulaPhoto

"Descending Heaven " by Nishant-101

"Empire Ranch " by SaguaroPictures

"Driven " by blairwacha

"Dome of Silence " by mattpayne


"Climb to the Milky Way (1 of 1) " by katelecates

"Milky Way " by robertszymanski

"Mt Shasta fm North with Milky Way 20130210 and 20160703, Day 7 of Mt Shasta week, #174 of 365 Composite " by gregedwards

"Cosmic Arch " by fidfoto

"A story of Fantasy " by Haophotography

"The Milky Way and mountains. Stars above and below at Lake Beauvert and Jasp " by lucasaford

"Italian milkyway " by sondregunleiksrud

"Milky Way Reflections " by susanelizabethb

"Tranquility " by andreas_athan

"cala cipolla night " by danieledessi

"Night at Cochise Stronghold, AZ " by OUSooner

"Rising Milky Way " by DanMarshall91

"Counting Stars " by LPonTour-ErikaValkovicova

"Beauty of Darkness " by NiCoBoCo

"Kumtag II " by smijh

"Solitude " by extremalen

"Tree of Life " by petertang

"Night Reflections over White Pocket " by jasonjhatfield

"Waimea Town Milky Way " by BensViewfinder

"Mt. Rainier " by tomhill_photography

"Milky way rising. " by ShiftingLightPhotography

"SUP and Stars " by sdondero

"Epiphany " by SebastianWarneke

"Montauk " by dpgoldphotos

"Starry Night Camping " by austinwhite

"Letchworth And The Milky Way " by markpapke

"_DSC5606 " by outside

"Milkyway " by lakevermilionphotos

"Nelson Ghost Town " by FlorendoStudioArts

"Rifugio Locatelli & the Tre Cime di Laverado " by jamesrushforth

"Breath Of The Gods " by AzuraPhotography

"Freedom " by tadejturk

"Galactic Monuments " by MatthewKou

"Lyrid Meteor Falling (Over Joshua Tree) " by larrybeard

"Painting the Night " by ManishMamtani

"Night of stars down black mount " by claudiorussa

"Milky Way and Tree " by tcarpenter71

"Venus and the Milky Way " by andreaspallanzani

"Cape Palliser Lighthouse with galaxy " by Graemski

"Jervis Bay " by PetarBphotography

"Yaquina Lightshow on the Oregon Coast " by DreamCapturedImages

"composing-quiberon-milkyway " by sylvainmorizot

"Milkyway Lookout " by gunnarheilmann

"Rising above " by dearabbybird

"~ last summer night ~ " by patricebechtiger

"Milky Way Arch over Candle Rock bay " by DamonBay

"milky way galaxy above camp " by TreverGarner

"Rosebary Lake, Algonquin Park " by JustinRussoPhotography

"Commander Of The Universe " by Jean-Massry

"Big Meadows Fire Road, Shenandoah National Park " by syoung_va

"Fire Light Both Near and Far " by GabrielCarlsonCreations

"The Milky Way over Madonna di Vitaleta Chapel " by Gilmour82

"mirror with stars " by katarzyna_nizinkiewicz

"Lake Moxie Milky Way " by briandrourr

"cochiti lake lightning and milkyway " by Osterholtz

"Eclipse Eve - Glendo Reservoir " by krenny

"Under the stars " by StephaneDroal

"Stars over Tekapo " by Katee33

"Circular Love " by vitoservideo

"Under a star filled sky " by johnnelson

"DSC_1173 " by sotospanteli_2368

"Jordan Lake Glow " by ryanshanahan

"Galaxy glacier " by Nostroboy

"A Hunted Millkyway " by gwestnz

"Fairy Tale Milkyway " by jonasforsbckhedegaard

"Renewable energies " by Sergio_Saavedra

"Milky Way Reflections " by LoriBea

"Milkyway in Basilicata ( Italy ) " by luigilombardi

"Galactus " by gourabsabui

"DSC_2174-wm " by blainestauffer

"Night Drive " by derricksniderimagery

"Milky Way Panorama over Lake Cuyamaca, California " by mlauffen

"Moonrise under the Stars " by antongorlin

"Es Vedrà and the milky way. " by guillermoturnerstephens

"Milky Way Panorama " by tobyfrost

"Freedom camping " by gesser

"Milky above the Säntis " by mb_lichtbild

"Yosemite Stars " by stefanmunneke

"Last Stop " by RichMoorePhoto

"Perseid Spectacular " by jasonpersoff

"Sólheimasandur Plane Crash " by aaronhill

"house " by samlindop

"Winterwonderland in April " by petrabischoff

"Come Outside! " by debcoimages

"Selfie with the Stars II " by AMills

"Windmills and Milky ways " by rhmimages

"The Long Road Into the Night " by briangreenberg

"late night tree viewbug " by islandbug

"Night by the Lake " by peterfoldiak

"GALACTIC " by bpidala

"Milky Way at Folly Beach, Sc " by dawnhammannvanauken

"Alta Badia " by Jtrojer



"Tre Cime milky way " by kaihornung

"Arches delight " by Reallycrazykiwi

"Chasing stars " by gkossieris

"Poipu Milky Way " by one7studios

"Illuminating The South " by hugovalleperez

"A quiet night " by FedericoAntonello

"Midnight Mass " by Mil8ant

"Milky Way Over Mill Creek - Cataract Covered Bridge, Indiana " by KennethKeifer

"Starry night " by runeaskeland

"Milky Way Nightlight " by auxgen4

"X marks the spot " by albertoalvaro

"Milkly Way at Arches Nat'l Park " by lwhite

"Under the Milkyway " by martinpodt

"SKA radio telescope photograph in the Northern Cape. " by sarelvanstaden

"Starry sky " by MaryMarino

"0:05 o' clock " by spidi1981

"Guided by the light " by carlgmont

"milky way with photographer in the middle of the night " by shamalgharib

"Without the random car and the long exposure of the camera you feel pretty desolate. You can barely see your hand in front of your face and all you can hear is the river echoing off the canyon walls. What you start to feel after awhile though is a deep ap " by Mattsnowphotography

"Pearly beach night lights " by Cokies004

"Camping Anyway? " by lnelson2011

"Night Vision " by AddieStrozier

"Milky way at the pier " by (A)danielbraggphotos

"Ancient " by (A)ianchen0

"Milky Way in Santa Cruz California " by (A)Suzbgd

"Tree Of Life " by Rodrigueelhajj

" " by (A)mattbenham

"Lake_Clifton_Web_Sig2 " by (A)WAeagle

"Teepee's Under the Milky Way " by (A)KendraKPK

"Barrenjoey Milkway Arch " by (A)phil_broadbent

"Lone Twig " by (A)SteBil30

"Midnight Express " by DrewHopper

"Self portrait under the Milky Way " by alekrivec

"Santa Maddalena... " by kbrowko

"Wonderful night " by akphotographystudio

"International 1941 On A Peaceful Night " by GigiJim08

"No sleep tonight " by jamiemacisaac

"The Emu Rising " by emmafleetwood

"The whisperer in Darkness " by arpandas

"Making a Wish " by prajitr

"Sacred Lights " by Juliocastropardo

"Night watch " by swqaz

"The Watchkeeper " by (A)robamsbury

"Panamint Dunes " by Dantes_View

"Camping under the Milky Way " by (A)matthewgriffiths

"Bride under the stars " by Pedro_volana

"Space " by Akses

"Namibia by Night " by Mbeiter

"Apukuna, Uño & Mayu / Land of the Giants in the Big span of the Universe " by iwangroot

"Foggy Milky Way Over Bixby " by dnphoto