Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best shots showing people's backs in the Capture The Back Photo contest with chances to win a DJI Spark and more!

"The theme of the competition was quite far beyond my comfort zone, as I rarely shoot people or in color. That being said, I was impressed by the technical quality and the variety of the approaches to this original and difficult theme. What I was looking for was originality and creativity, but also for images with a touch of mystery, that tell a story and are capable of surprising the viewer. I have chosen the following three images which in my opinion fulfill the above mentioned criteria." - George Digalakis

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer George Digalakis for his collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. George Digalakis was born and raised in Athens, Greece, in 1960. A medical doctor by profession, he still lives and works in Athens. It was only in 2011 when he first studied photography and became acquainted with classic and contemporary photographers, that he realized this medium would offer him a gateway from reality, and enable him to express his inner world. He has participated in a number of exhibitions around the word and his work has been recognized in many international competitions, such as Px3, APOY, Sony World Photography Award, FAPA etc. He has been published in various magazines and sites.

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "P2271381 1" by fotki54

"A frame that includes only the essentials, taken at the right moment with interesting lines formed by the hands and the model’s body. The selection of BnW, the implied movement and the perfect tonality add up to the mood of the image. Finally, the inclusion of the expressive hands and the beautiful light outlining the body parts contribute to a great extent to the image’s overall impact. It would have been a beautiful and emotional work, even without the use of the fashionable in this kind of shots suspended powder." - George Digalakis

Congratulations Runner Up "Grandma's panties are dry" by PoloD

"A nude with character. The flat light is suitable in this case and the photographer has made good use of the lines converging to the main theme. The model’s pose is beautiful and implies a sense of motion. The image has an element of surprise, born by the antithesis of the model’s body and the oversized underwear, giving it a touch of surrealism. The image has the magic element that is needed in order to make it stand out." - George Digalakis

Congratulations Runner Up "A Girl In The Rain" by rossglasgow

"The theme is quite ordinary, but this image somehow stands out. The excessive dark vignette gives a touch of mystery and gives birth to associations with primal instincts - the song "fear of the dark" came to my mind, while at the same time the dark environment and the lonely girl are quite emotive. An additional element I liked is the intense, unnatural light, which gives another dimension to the image - an internal light that dispels the darkness. A memorable work." - George Digalakis

Congratulations Amateur Winner "Adjust your altitude" by Alexannphoto

Congratulations People's Choice "The Generation of Explorers. " by mattiabonavida

"„blinded”" by Marcel_A_Vie

"/> Miss Robot" by operatorTheory

"veil" by yakushevgeniy

"Be Free" by susanzentay

"Delphie" by Despird

"Stuck in dreams...again " by pedroquintela

"Just you and me" by traceydobbs

"All the crazies come out." by bryanmaes

"fall stroll" by boston814

"As the new day begins..." by liliaalvarado

"Finding Paradise" by crismagsino

"lavender walk" by Dominik_Wach

"the-hills-are-alive" by SonyaAdcockPhotography

"the freshness of a new day" by Kirichay

"Runaway." by Florianpascual

"Wedding confetti cannons" by alessandroavenali

"Eve" by SundaysChildPhotography

"Florida Sunsets" by albaker

"The girl in the field" by Victoria_Anne

"My western baby!" by Lindsey_Shedd

"Comfort Zone: Abandoned" by Harbi

"The Bride" by Denis09

"Frozen thoughts" by JSimoes

"untitled" by danielpoplawsky

"Dancing Ghost" by kimkelleywagner

"zen" by whitevintagephotography

"Cover girl" by _atombomb

"The River " by KellyALongphotography

"Man Of " by jmphotography2323

"Brothers (gone fishing) " by Iwona

"The girl and the pier " by SirDiegoSama

"the Road " by bendikstalheim

"KRM_5493 " by K8Mak

"Snow. " by sollenaphotography

"into the mountains " by da-miane

"Petra, Jordan " by lukegram

"Memories " by KDRphotography

"staring at the sun " by Ben-Haworth

"Sunset Meditation " by kelliklymenko

"Guard " by vladimirchuyko

"Marianna " by owenoconnor

"Shadows " by albertdros

"Light and shadow on a woman's perfect body " by Chris_Bos_Photography

"Untitled" by JudiLiosatos

"Idolatry " by GhostLightPhotography

"Day Dreaming " by odedios

"Oana " by PaulHenryStudios

"Stranded " by ThanePhelan

"enjoying the amazon " by pedropulido

"Long, cold walk... " by Gambar

" " by siph

"Into The Sunset " by DeonG

"Lana sitting on a bench " by christiangigerphotography

"Yosemite " by ianchen0

"Come With Me..." by petrhingar

"How far it goes?" by kerendanielikasner

"By the forest..." by LuisRodriguesPhotography

"untitled" by gabrielledphoto

"Like A Gypsy" by joeehlen

"Misty Sunrise " by michellemckoy

"evita! " by godriguez

"Too shy for tonight... " by dirkrichter

"That Moment " by kennylerosejr

"When you wish " by knoxphoto

"A dolls house " by jessymay

"Swan " by CarriAngel

"Joy " by clareahalt

"I M W A I T F O R Y O U " by Silentshoot-Photography

"Dancer at the Barre " by dakoch

"Svetlana " by ilyablinov

"Sheyda " by nickelphoto

"Leaving " by helenbissellbland

"capture the back " by SamGorski

"Renee " by rexjones

"View From Behind " by mmcnally