Thank you to all the photographers that shared their most fascinating portraits in the Captivating Portraits Photo Contest in collaboration with our friends at Westcott. Westcott is an industry-leading producer of professional photo and video lighting equipment located just outside of Toledo, Ohio. With roots dating to 1899, the F. J. Westcott company has a noteable history of producing unique products for a variety of consumers. With over 600 products for both professional and amatuer photographers and videographers, as well as tools for the scrapbooking and film markets, we have continued a long-standing commitment to product innovation, design, and quality. As Westcott expands, so does our team of talented personalities.

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Jerry Ghionis for his collaboration as a guest judge. Jerry Ghionis is widely regarded as one of the top five best wedding photographers in the world. The creativity and ability to capture the natural magic of individuals allows others to see the powerful visual story telling in his images. Jerry was named one of the Top Ten Wedding Photographers in the World and has won numerous awards worldwide.

""The Matador"." by alexeyvladimir

"The Tattooed girl 2." by suiciderock

"L.." by zanzib

"Morgan" by angeemanns

"Winter Beauty" by (A)MarciaM

"Raiza" by CeciliaBradley

"Ann" by alinaliubko

"Dainiel" by gibogantioqui

"Blue- eyed Girl" by imeldabell

"Pilgrim Girl" by Alexander_Sviridov

"CHOCOLATE OVERELOAD" by joannegraham

"Red Fox | Liliya Nazarova" by liliyanazarova

"The Shabby Genius" by davidkimages

"Eva - Fearless" by keithpersall

"Frozen Edges" by argiepyanez87

"Freckles " by williekers

"Indian Princess" by kateluber

"inimitable" by Jbrie16

"2015-06-17_05-56-08" by paulkennedyphotography

"Le Violon" by philliphaumesser

"Hans" by Irene_van_Nunen

"Light of hope" by davidcarrillo

"16-10-09 - Cloé-11" by Laurent_Martinotti

"Hermit" by Kirichay

"Megan" by HENSHAW_photography

"Ginger girl" by DamianPiorko

"Frida" by carlbrugger

"Portrait of a Stranger" by kbhasker

"Olga" by Padamskicom

"The Dark side of Small" by nicklawlor

"Gust" by (A)Eyeteeth

"Ssshh" by sianelizabethrobertson

"Krystin" by rejeanbrandt

"Dancer 2" by jedidiahharley

"In despair" by hampusalexbjorklund

"Far away thoughts..." by StudioLeFort

"Schiffmacher- artist" by HarrieMuis

"Jesse" by RatbarSteward

"Attitude" by _Subarna

"Freckles Beauty" by Ermal

"Play Misty for me" by nathanhowells

"Look at Me ( Colour version )" by dudygr

"hair like fire" by coughdrop

"DSC_0534" by vickiecrosbycarroll

"Freackles" by lorenatorres

"An Italian Princess" by joellewatt

"monet." by (A)invero

"life" by raffaelemontepaone

"Ева" by vladakasyanenko

"Shadow & Light" by Celtic

"Colors in my head" by vondan

"Alberta Girl" by Tim-Hall

"the keeper" by linbs

"Cry Baby" by virginiafrank

"La vie en rose" by (A)Feova

"Freckles" by (A)maytlindmallo

"Nathália" by guilhermeescosteguy

"art fantasy make up" by olenazaskochenko

"Glamorous Brunette" by Julieweiss

"Fairy tale" by jevgenijscolokov

"Karolina" by anetacoufalov

"The light on her face" by karenlong

"The Merry Monk" by stefannielsen

"Its story in lines" by Mann-Niyati

"Anna" by fehlfarbe

"cj_1.3" by rachelcanale

"Khaleesi - Mother of Dragons" by NomadArtPhotos

"faceless" by cmboyer

"IMG_8907-Edit-Edit" by CatalyticCamera

"we-1126" by nikondude

"Through the Looking Glass" by (A)MsWilliams

"Teeth - another picture for Halloween #307 of 365" by gregedwards

"Simple beauty" by katarzynamwiskajaboska

"Seelenlandschaft #6" by levinlee

"Gintare" by tomashtmkmasojc

"Somnium " by mts198

"Model in B&W" by hajmanek

"Laila's b&w" by misstatiana

"Shy Lea" by stephanemichaux

"Mustache descaide..." by ohnitsoga

"untitled" by rheashields

"the great beardo" by Sensei

"Beard Guy" by pedropulido

"BLOOM" by stanislavstehlik

"Divided" by stefanozocca

"Longing" by olgamest

"Mick D.Sepia" by (A)Owlphoto

"Selena " by kolbyschnelli

"Red" by MichelleStapelberg

"Child of the Earth" by alliasbaniah

"Summer mood" by Bogdan_Iacob

"***" by kristinazvinakeviciute

"Lost In Your Eyes" by naraoneil

"amazon girl" by razga

"hair" by genevievelapointe

"Patiently " by crystaldiane

"J.J. #9" by strilets

"Thais" by bruno001

"World at his feet" by (A)jameshare

"A face of raw beauty, emotion, and mystery" by JulieAnnNewell

"reader " by mitojashiashvili

"Glitter Tears 1" by Adriano73

"Not Alone" by RosieHardyandAaronNace

"Natural Growth" by kierankerrigan

"Fight" by Dearann

"love after wonderland" by jasonbassett

"Greta" by maximilian_eheim

"07" by rebekavodrazkova

"Tenderness" by Litt