Whether you are a professional photographer or just love taking pictures of your friends and family, for this photo contest, we invited you to share how you capture the bokeh effect with your camera with chances to win a new Polaroid Snap Touch camera, 2000 VIEWBUG Coins, and more cool prizes!

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "IMG_6126" by BAHM

Congratulations People's Choice "The leaf…" by bethrivenbark

Congratulations Runner Up "Nika" by lygsapnephotography

Congratulations Runner Up ""I put all your books on the top shelf, even the one with the four leaf clover."" by tristanduplichain

Congratulations Runner Up "Late Shift and City Lights" by matthew.eden

Congratulations Runner Up "Welcome to Fan Expo 2019....." by learwoody

Congratulations Honorary Mention "Dreamy bug" by PetraLederer

Congratulations Honorary Mention "City Lights" by Henshaw-Photography

Congratulations Honorary Mention "Rashna (butterfly)" by ajcophotography