A special thanks to all the photographers that shared their best landscape photos in B&W in this photo contest with chances to win a Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM lens and more!

We appreciate the collaboration of all the people that helped us find the following finalists by voting for their favorite shots in this photo contest. Stay tuned for the winners announcement coming soon.

"Vesturhorn " by BrunoCruz

"Church " by jansieminski

"Phare Rose Blanche " by JoelDucharme

"Oxbow Bend " by ColinDixonPhotography

"Broken " by ianrobins

"The Wanaka Tree " by jacobmarsh

"Motion of the Ocean " by NSSP

"SAINT JAMES " by nikosladic

"Kinderdijk Mills " by slydeshaies

"Sentinel " by MichaelGarton

"The Dark Side " by Ricardo_Mateus

"Vik Trails " by TomazKlemensak

"Alone " by Daniel-Photography

"Alone Tree " by GPictoria

"Remembrance " by ChrisWilliamsEXP

"St Monans drama " by Pete_Rowbottom

"_DSC1637_Threebrothers_blended_details_b&w1 " by Ayersphotography

"Grey Dawn " by PDO1962

"Morning Mists Australia " by ShadowmacPhotography

"Feeling small ... but capable of great things! " by AlessandroDeLuca

"Though the Tides May Turn " by lauriesearch

"RAAFS Beach " by 20westphotos

"20170909-DSC_5931 " by hsahtaw

"Golden Gate " by Anm8ed

"Limestone " by PRC_PHOTO

"Barmera B&W mid " by ArkayPhoto

"Skyline-Den-Bosch " by RuudPeters

"Earth, Sky & Water (Athabasca Falls - Jasper) " by Moe_Ali

"Yosemite Falls " by Codishots

"the observer " by kutlu

"Sebastian Inlet " by FredGramoso

"Black Stone Beach " by TonyLaw

"The Crying Tree " by GeorgeDigalakis

"The Dark Hedges " by pawelklarecki

"Rainy Lake " by clfowler

"Alone in Skogafoss " by marcocalandra89

"River Reach Dock B&W " by k4man84

"Standing Proud B&W " by (A)douglasrichardson

"Long exposure shot of Bow Lake during sunrise. I drove all night and slept in my truck until sunrise to get this shot. I was fortunate to have no wind to get the still water and great clouds. Used a Sony A7Rii with a Voigtlander 15mm Heliar iii. " by (A)beautifulpixels1

"Moody oak " by (A)mikehoughton

"Shipsterns Bluff " by (A)joeleverard

"DC-3 Wreckage " by (A)JoshuaDavidReid

"Jason Tiilikainen - Photobombed " by Jason_Tiilikainen

"Floating Pier " by (A)Temu0014

"Lighthouse Park " by (A)jasondarr

"Heybridge Basin Beach Huts " by (A)markkench

"Perspective Correction " by (A)TrentSmith

"-2978 " by (A)ScottAlfredPhillips

"Icy Playground " by (A)timzeipekis

"Lightning and rain above the Mittens, Monument Valley, Navajo Nation, USA " by (A)scottsinclair

"xarárfoss s-h (1 of 1) V " by (A)sverrirjonsson

"Under the Storm " by (A)vitorsantos_9001

"IMG_9171-1-3 " by (A)begoama

"Silver Sunset " by (A)BlackRockPhoto_PaulSmith

"Mirror of the sky " by (A)aidagri

"The lonely hiker in the mountains " by hrachess

"Dark Skies Over Vestrahorn " by jonbarkeruk

"LightHouse_2 " by LukaszLisiecki

"waterfall " by Andre11

"Rouna Falls " by adirua

"Vemödalen " by PanosPhotographia

"_DSC2036-copy " by antongorlin

"Fog " by corymarshall

"The morning " by yagami

"Evening grazing " by TendrelImages

"Breaking Dawn " by ryanbuchanan

"Salto De Laja " by rcscharf

"The Strait " by (A)joaorico

"Apocalypto " by TrueNorthImages

"Passing-by-1200 " by petersvoboda

"Godafoss " by Arbustus

"Last Stop, Yosemite Valley " by timcederwallphotography

"Icelandic Horses " by Masher

"Stormy Black Sea " by swqaz

"Alien Seascape " by StuartByles

"Gainford Monochrome Rapeseed Field (Portrait). " by (A)michaelatkinson_5804

"Surrounded by nature " by JesusSanz

"On top of the Alps. " by Jtrojer

"Going out to farm " by zayyarlynn

"The Pier " by peterfoldiak

"This is Oregon " by Smi77y

"By Trondheimsfjorden " by TommyRamone

"Mountain Landscape - A view from " by vitormurta

"Falling " by jaycohen

"Sunrise!!! " by MarioCosta

"Mealt Falls-2 " by PaulPersys

"Trek " by PrysyazhnyyOleksiy

"lonely planet " by tadejturk

"Vineyard in the clouds with solitary tree " by leetomkow

"Arctic mountains of Quttinirpaaq National Park " by PLHinds

"estonia " by (A)Robert222

"Venetian Traffic " by claudiorussa

"In The Line " by HenrikSpranz

"The Spirit of Ansel " by elecfoto

"Flying by the mountain " by LuisRodriguesPhotography

"Pulse " by Boholm

"Pathway to Peace " by alishaclarke

"Into the Storm " by Hstarr

"Secceda " by MichalCandrak

"_MKH4233-Edit " by MarcoMouraPhotography

"Once Started, Never Finished " by jmurre

"Ghajn Tuffieha B&W " by MartinAgius

"bridge " by SamGorski

"Janie Seddon – BW " by Mack_Photography

"Floating Pier " by Fatehi

"stunning nature " by pauljoinson

"Shipwreck - Namibia " by marcobertazzoni

"Titans " by winmagsino

"Fractured " by (A)Davemce

"Antarctica " by Forrest_Brown


"Yosemite Tunnel View " by larrymarshall