Thank you to all the photographers that shared their black and white flower photos for a chance to win a Sigma 70-300mm Macro Lens, the entries are gorgeous and very creative. A bog thank you to guest judge Andrew Hancock. Andrew Hancock is a US-based storytelling advertising and editorial photographer. He is a Nikon Ambassador (US) with a passion for creating dynamic visuals for a broad range of clients both in the United States and abroad. With an emphasis on portrait, sport and action imagery, his photos have appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated on multiple occasions as well as on the cover of TIME magazine and Nikon World magazine.

"Flowering Tree" by tricianicolescott

"One" by (A)jessicaannalee

"SUNFLOWER 2" by (A)puck

"Frilled Rose" by vanari

"Aged Rose" by Kim20

"B&W_1-lotus-3" by michaelyoussef

"Single Rose" by mikeconley

"Rose" by waldomalan

"Dew_" by JohnVS

"Rainy Day Sunshine" by larryrogers

"IMG_2215" by (A)rishigupta

"Rose in Black & White" by JosetteHalls

"Lily" by lynniroberts

"Black and White" by patrick9x9

"silent tulip" by evgenykonischev

"Dew Kissed" by Chillmimi

"untitled" by (A)lianeguerinbolles

"Spiral Lily" by mojito

"Tulips" by sabatesphoto

"Gorgeous Flower" by (A)Rustybucket8472

"black and white" by lisalawrence

"Peace" by MaryAnnAndrews

"Breaking Through" by Jellyfire

"White Face 2997" by Dacemac

"gerber" by (A)mrspaulding

"“If you take a flower in your hand and really look at it, it's your world for a moment.” ― Georgia O'Keeffe" by wenchejostad

"Lily" by Trevor-Bancroft

"Daisy" by sabatesphoto

"Lotus" by clfowler

"Narcissus B&W" by danroil

"untitled" by RoseMazza

"Cycle of life" by ykd

"Tree cone" by erik_svec


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