Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photos of streams in this photo contest with chances to win a gift bundle and more! From professional studio photography to incognito photography and street portraits; community members showcased how you capture female portraits in black and white. Take your black and white portraits to the next level with our new guide.

Congratulations People's Choice "Julia " by MichaelSchnabl

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Whisp of hair " by blitzlichtgewitter

Congratulations Runner Up "Nastya " by alexeykazantsev

Congratulations Runner Up "Miss freckles " by JackHoier

Congratulations Runner Up "Untitled Portrait " by charliewang

Congratulations Amateur Winner "Bea " by melamelassa

"Beth " by sianelizabethrobertson

"Braided " by NinaMasic

"1142fscr5rf5553fwc5523wf.png " by matthewaraneta

"Mono model " by bexsearsbyrne

"Veronique " by St-GermainPhotographie

"Lisi " by WPphotography

"look_04-222-2-2-2-2 " by martinzwick

"Distance " by panilsson

"Arabian Nights Glamour Photoshoot - " by ketino

"Natasha Portrait " by markguy_1809

"Veronika " by karolinaryvolova

"Kim V " by yannickdesmet

"Motherhood " by donatellanicolini

"Katerina " by IraklisMakrygiannakis

"Polina " by Kerberos486

"Another morning " by suiciderock

"Veronica " by andreaaccordino

"Kim " by bitterer

"Aria " by anthonyegan

" " by ladymehanphoto

"Lisa " by Jacobz

"#GoneCountry " by kristyoliver

"DSC01350_pp " by jmphotography2323

"Photographer/Retoucher: Tina Marie Photography Makeup: Michelle Lee Bibbs Model: Nyagoa Gigi Chuol Assistant: Racheal Jones #tinamariephotography #tinamariealaska #p#makeup #hair #afro #blackandehitephotography #darkbeauty #beauty #blackbeauty #model #po " by tinamarie_7110

"Sweet Sixteen " by lisaholloway

""Honey for hummingbirds" " by guidoasenjoart

"Australian Model - Peyote (BW) " by AlanC

"Fine Nudes In Black And White " by thanetid

"Anna " by Smilinglenses

"Anthem in Art Neutral Erica 10 bw c " by Jenna_adele

"Aleph " by AndreaPi

"b'n'w " by spARTiat_de

"Hannah B&W " by john70d

"Isabelle " by KMDCphotography

"division " by PoloD

"Notes... " by robertosalis

"julia " by kutlu

"Florence " by Denis09

"marlena " by Khali77

"Maggie " by Laukart_Photography

"Kaja " by AmoArt

"Marika " by giuseppecompagno

"WD7_1761 " by Wessel-Domingus

"Julie " by Boholm

"Cheryl " by flowra

"Abby " by fournierphotographe

"Natalie " by elainadaley

"Britney " by pauljanicki

"Anne " by AdinaIlie

"Underground brand " by alexanderwintzer

"sierra " by siegart

"Shooting Chloé studio " by AlexisRangaux

"Arni " by coreygedwards

"Abuse " by Ashitaro

"Alone Time " by juan94

"Brittany " by adrianchinery

"Romi " by Jono3358

"20170806_153410 " by Bastiaan3737

"Succulent Silk " by SebastianWuttkePhoto

"Black & white denim " by daisywillems

"Noir " by michelebalistreri

"Lightest Dark " by CatalyticCamera

"SWA_1474-Edit " by janswanepoel

"Summer time, time for freckles " by Pixelhunter

"Calvin " by mattarcher_7110

"Ronka " by zachar

"Getting Ready " by TheWeddingTraveler

"Mona Lisa " by artbypamelagarcia

"Alex " by morawatz

"M. " by gkojadinovic

"Goggle Eyes " by fidfoto

"Amanda " by MishoJx

"Flower girl " by ellu

"Karola " by malvinette

"Elisa " by nonseireale83

"Bell " by ChrisParratt

"Sabrina " by guilhermeescosteguy

"glamour portrait " by JanWphotography

"DF9E8B8A-341C-4F82-A785-A4C25C426BC0 " by andybonnard

"philomena. " by Marcel_A_Vie

"Waiting for? " by desyatovpetr

"_FOT0980 " by fencherch

" " by Stefan_Twiggy_Stojanovic

"In this moment " by vesnasvesna

"Sammie " by kenhood

"Let The Eyes Speak (B&W) " by kkristinang

"Sara - Studio shooting " by crissdiamond

" " by PetkoM