Thank you to all the photographers that shared their  best architecture shots in B&W in the Black And White Architecture Photo Contest with chances to win a DSLR Canvas Bag and more!

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Swee Oh for her collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. Swee Oh, an internationally acclaimed Architecture Photographer, is based in San Francisco, California USA. Her professional background in architecture, and her artistic eye, combine to create stunning architectural photographs that have won prestigious awards. Swee's visual world is deeply influenced by how she uses light, form, shadows and textures in her work.

"Drama Towers" by karlredshaw

"Parallel" by Mesli

"London BW " by aidagri

"Upside down " by ruthchudaska-clemenz

"The Shard " by racheldulson

"The Dark Tower " by simonmartinlewis

"MANY FACETED STORIES " by sandratsacco

"Poster_DEF " by adekorte

"Colosseum Different Angle" by BensViewfinder

"Golden Gate" by FerArceAmare

"Horstead Watertower" by (A)mushroomgodmat

"Phoenix Reflections" by jjones6307

"G-Cans" by Forrest_Brown

"New York Skyline" by (A)LarryGreene

"The Tunnel @ Kings Cross, London" by KMDCphotography

"The Dark Side" by Ricardo_Mateus

"Cimetrie" by mafe

"Evening in London" by Davidd25

"Modern - Copenhagen, Denmark" by PallGudjonsson

"Small Church in Kohekohe New Zealand" by ChristinaFreak

"The High Rise" by GigiJim08

"Evolution Tower" by Eduard_Gorobets

"Transylvania evening fog comes over the river" by ferencboloni

"DSC_6302-Edit" by pnewbery

"Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago" by angiesimpson

"Holiday Inn Atrium (Black and White)" by (A)SeowSweeMeng

"Lobby Look Up" by tpeach1127

"Iron" by jasonmatias

"NYC fog by night" by helenebernewitz

"Batman Building" by SteveCheetham

"Lower lighthouse high tide" by dougplume

"Theodor-Heuss-Brücke" by olesteffensen

"Underground Mosque" by rahjuan

"Tornado Tower - Doha" by michiel-dl

"United Tower Bahrain" by Craigwww

"Phare Rose Blanche" by JoelDucharme

"untitled" by Pablo-Polo

"Exquisite" by natosed

"Reichstag Berlin" by petesmith2710

"Converging Overhead" by ClaudiaKuhn

"Seattle Noir" by kenmcall

"Potsdamer Platz" by dirkrichter

"Under the Bridge" by remedios

"Helix Bridge Singapore" by (A)jpnjoe

"High Rise" by Multifacet

"Bridge over Ladybower, UK" by PaulGJohnson

"Radio City Hall" by JADUPONT

"The Spiral" by (A)gerdiehutomo

"From Across The River" by catini

"untitled" by aarronralstonmcdonald

"DSC01722-Redigera.jpg" by patriksvensson

"Manhattan Bridge - Long Exposure" by germandnino

"The Core" by GkCM

"More Place, London" by markivaldi

"up" by GaryBolduc

"Dungeness Lighthouse" by jamiegillies

"curvededges" by LandonWisePhoto

"MIAMI" by KoreaSaii

"Reflected World" by winmagsino

"Abandoned" by SeanAllenPhoto

"Hong Kong Polyu School of Design" by SarahCaldwell

"Monochrome Mansion" by dynastesgranti

"Church of Our Lady" by Davehook

"Endless" by (A)whaevamakesuhappy

"Freedom" by Ricky303

"Rockefeller Center, New York, New York, USA " by larrymarshall

"Foggy Tower Bridge " by byrnephotography

"Time Stands Still " by geminatrix

"Blue Hour on Lafayette bridge at Lyon in B/W ... " by FredericMONIN

"NY " by mityaika

"Rutalnd Water Long exposure " by NigelBarker

" Into the void(B&W) " by mihai_popescu

"Pier View B&W " by markcote

"Canoe Bridge " by nikipike

"Austin Capitol " by Christopherblake_photo

"Font at Salisbury Cathedral " by ceridjones

"Conciergerie in Black and White " by beckykempf

"Back in time " by JasonHolden

"The Old Church " by DerekKind

"Golden " by Shootswithcoops

"Standing Tall " by ts446photo

"Sydney Hilton hotel " by Peterguo

"Bold Elegance " by kapuschinsky

"Vik Church " by petergreig

"Greenock Customhouse Building " by gogosviewbug

"The Grand Mosque " by FredGramoso

"esc " by jaimemuozsecasese

"The Drill " by IvanMuraenko

"3 Years.... " by ljrouse

"Castres " by amazed

"Tower 185 " by Anneliese-Photography

"Liverpool Streets 1 " by Badgrandad

"Tacking Point Light House " by Michael_Lucchese

"the zone " by godriguez

"Above " by kaybeausoleil

"Flying Crucifix " by ewill

"IMG_4173-3 " by aprillewis

"House of God V " by stefannielsen

"The Other Side of the Bridge " by mjkirkland

"The Black hole " by ashleysowter

"Hidden Volume p.1: Unex Tower " by farigiovanni

"Sonus Mutum " by olicamacho

"ECHR " by Denis09


"USS Enterprise " by jacksoncarvalho

"The Towering Twins " by ajphotography

"Statoil building " by tomaszmajewski

"Swoopy---G " by sajinsasidharan

""foin" | "drop" " by ulekadei

"National Space Centre " by RAPJones

"Grey sky, grey buildings " by alechickman

"Orwellian " by Jellyfire