Thank you to all the photographers that participated in the Below My Knees Photo Contest, sharing their best photos taken from a low vantage point. Congratulations to the winners and finalists, and a special round of applause for the Grand Jury Winner who wins an Amazon Gift Card Bundle.

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Olaf Bathke for his collaboration as a guest judge.Β The wedding photographer Olaf Bathke enchanted Hamburg with wedding photos that are creative and unique. His secret recipe is authenticity: Getting married has something to do with honesty, accordingly, should be authentic wedding photos. His artistic wedding photos emerge both in the city and beyond the city limits of Hamburg also.

"Baby Sandhill Crane and Mom" by Tc202

"He was never going to change." by JennaVee

"Beam" by klang

"spring is coming .... " by Franknaba

"Meet Victor" by GailsWorld

"Bobby Honu" by mandypiccolo

"Foamtastic (2)" by (A)Athena_B

"fox" by boitasapin

"autumn sun" by riankrenzer

"Agaricales in the Sun" by sarahlhamby

"I Miss My Husband, My Family, My Home, and My Country #2" by (A)kenderby

"Red Fungus" by Ozscapes

"Crustaceous Night" by tuliosampayo

"Ant" by FeroD

"Please don't go" by ronaldahurst

"Sandy Chuck" by theshawnamiller

"On the forest floor" by Marhcuz

"zinga zinga" by dalekobetich

"Cloned Red Mush" by davidrelph

"Running on water" by roarphoto

"Raking the leaves" by GentleSoul444

"Seedling" by Michael_Higgins

"Surfers Shell" by (A)gavinconnolly

"Kayaking in the Sea" by kylekephart

"Fungi" by SylwiaUrbaniak

"puppy love" by LainieHillerPhotography

"Turtle Island" by ShannonRogers1

"Micro Fungi" by Stanltp

"Flying Viktor" by kimschou

"untitled-020309" by brionyschadegg

"The beauty of simplicity" by germanruiz

"The leaves fall in Malmo" by SecaBlue

"Down On My Knees" by Hope79

"Hitchhiker" by CrazyBradyLady

"AlessandroDeLuca" by AlessandroDeLuca

"gnp 2013 dillon-" by dannerroyce

"Burn off" by Farnsworth

"Reaching for the Sun" by gldosa

"The Feather" by NanaSue54

"Sea Turtle in Hawaii" by cnsmerz

"Chicken Licken" by Deboodle

"Jelly Fish Jewel Castaway" by (A)Lulumareeimages

"IMG_8644a" by (A)rachaellivingstone

"Soldier" by Joerg

"Night Traveler" by LookSee

"Dog" by Signefotar

"don't look back" by kasper

"Night Cap" by jeanmarieshelton

"Symphony_Copyrighted Sharon Legg Photography & Digital Arts 2010" by slegg43

"The Lonely Jellyfish" by andreaslassel

"untitled" by sarahcasile

"I Do" by (A)ArtByKharisma

"Midday Nap" by rhinoman

"Winter Tracks" by IanDMcGregor

"IMG_5636" by JACJAX

"Hairlights" by (A)Cbries

"flowers and bokeh" by aleoko

"DSC_4074" by wizard

"Chocolate Falls" by darvasg

"Little-Jumbo BW" by Harri

"Punctuated" by BonZeye

"Riding the Rail" by bethwilliamsphifer

"wreck" by Andre11

"P9210069" by ChristinaFreak

"Marie-lo fait de la photo" by mafe

"Santa Mirage" by Dfreid

"In the garden" by tammyswarek


"Fly on, up! Shanghai, China, Oriental Pearl view" by felicebellini

"Nant Mill" by (A)garrykennedy

"Photographer In The Making" by ElenaParaskeva

"I'm keeping this-1-3" by (A)kathyallison

"Autumn Maple" by glmeyers

"Morning Delight" by menxcuizon

"zebra on cement_edited 2" by chrisjarvis

"I spy Little Miss Hope" by jennakrinsley

"Icy wind" by (A)iriswaanders

"Hole of Fame" by menxcuizon

"Two 'shrooms Together" by RobClaysPhotos