We are excited to feature trevortoma's unique images. Trevortoma is an artist located in Long Beach, California who works in various mediums. He's been trained traditionally with a brush and pencil and took the skills and concept he's learned and translated them to other forms of art.

Thanos_Death_01_v3 by trevortoma

With a love for technology I found a marriage between the traditional skills I’'ve been taught and the digital world. I create art because I want to tell stories, and I would rather show my stories than write them. I grew up with a love for stories and I am still reading and watching stories today, along with creating them.

Loki_Abs_01_v5 by trevortoma

What do you carry in your camera bag?

I currently only use one camera body which is my Sony A99. I like to limit my lenses to the 16-35mm and 135mm as they give a more interesting perspective than what our eyes are used to seeing. My two profoto B1 strobes are always with me as I love the process of lighting a scene. I also always have my beauty dish and small softbox modifier. On my belt i also keep and polarizer and ND filter. I use the ND filter a lot to combat the sun along with my strobes. I also have colored gels for my strobes.

AD_Kitten_Ivy_01_v5 by trevortoma

Any advice for others trying to capture cinematographic shots?

Always trying new perspectives is I think key to finding the best way to display an action shot. They all had their own appeal but the straight on view captures the arcade fighter feel.

Ryuk by trevortoma

How do you develop a post processing style?

As you can see and because of the nature of my photos, all my images receive post processing. Between my lighting style and editing is where my style gets developed.

Thanos_01_v3 by trevortoma

Tell us about this photo; where did you shoot it?

This photo was taken at Anime Expo 2015. The convention is held in at the Los Angeles Convention Center during July 4th weekend. This photo was taken mid day to early afternoon.

Sakura_Chun_01_v7 by trevortoma

Anything worth sharing about lighting?

I use the profoto B1 air strobes for my photography. My main light is usually modified with a grided beautydish. For this shoot though i need to light 2 subjects and used a small softbox 1.3' x 1' to modify the 2nd strobe. The beauty dish was aimed towards Chun Li from above left side of the frame, while the softbox was aimed at Sakura from above right side of the frame.

What equipment did you use?

I shoot with a Sony A99 and use primarily a 16-35mm and a 135mm lens. I used the wide angle lens for this and hand held the camera. I used my Profoto B1 strobes for this and triggered them via air remote.

What inspired you to take this photo?

I'm a pretty big fan of arcade fighter games so when I came across these two cosplayers I had to do a shoot. Chun Li's (cosplayer on the right) signature fighting is her kicking acts and I wanted to illustrate that here. The Sakura (cosplayer on the left) was great with expressions and body movement so she was perfect for acting out the motion of being kicked.

What kind of post-processing did you do?

The head band flying forward from Sakura was composited in from another shot. Chun Li's tassels had movements added to them with the liquify tool. A lot of my editing comes down to enhancing the lighting and color grading.