ViewBug community member raven-black is a passionate landscape photographer from Germany. "My name is Ulrich I´m from Butzbach, Germany a little town nearby Frankfurt on Main. I'm a hobby photographer and my main focus in photography is capturing nature and landscape scenes. I work as technician and after office work I grab my camera, tripod and go out in the nature. Our world is so unique and I like to show a little bit of my view on it."

Where did you take this photo?

This photo was taken in Lofoten/Norway and this house stands near Reine, a little village on the Lofoten island Moskenes. At this time I was on tour with some crazy landscape photographers like me. We started our tour on this day in midday and it ended the next morning at 08.00 o clock in our hotel. To this picture, it was taken at 23:00 in the night.

Anything worth sharing about lighting?

For me a landscape photographer, nature brings the light. So my job is it to get this colours and special atmosphere on the sensor. Today the sensors of our cameras are monsters no matter witch manufacturer you use. Bunt don't belief, that your main job is post processing. Your camera is a tool that you should have to master. Learn to read the histogram while you are photographing is more important then to be a photoshop crack.

From Dusk till Dawn by raven-black

What equipment did you use?

This picture was taken with a Sony A7 R3 and the Sony 24-70 GM. Of course a tripod, a remote control an a grey filter.

What inspired you to take this photo?

I saw this house with its yellow/orange light and the blue colours around it, i was flashed. It was a mystic mood and then I had the great luck, that the fog was coming. This is the cherry on top.

Uttakleiv Beach by raven-black

Did you do any post-processing? 

Of course I did some post-processing. The original is a raw-file and post-processing is a duty. So the first step was in Lightroom, some changes to exposure like contrast, lights, darks, etc. After that I went to Photoshop cc and used some luminosity masks for finishing.

What equipment do you normally have in your bag?

Normally my bag is a backpack. In it there are mostly two cams, lenses from 12 to 135 mm, filter holder, grey filter, nd filter, remote control, towels for cleaning the filter and of course a tripod.

Sunset at Utakleiv by raven-black

Any advice for others trying to capture something similar?

For me landscape photography is absolute relaxation. But before, there is a lot of planning and scouting. For that I I use google earth, I speak with other photographers and take information in photo-blogs. I use some apps on my phone to inform me when will the sun get down, best time for the blue hour and a good weather app to inform about rain, clouds, wind, etc. If I find a new location to photograph, my first step isn't taking my camera. First I enjoy the landscape around me and get a feeling for its specialities. I think the most important thing for photographing landscape is, take enough time with you.