ViewBug community member RajisRapsii shares the techniques and story behind this awarded photo, get inspired!

Leafs in shape by RajisRapsii


This photo was taken in my home town Helsinki, Finland. It was nice sunny day and I was going to a very important meeting in this day. Before leaving my home I was uncertain if I should take my camera with me not. I did and I'm happy for that.


The magic in this photo for me is that when I took this picture, we were having our first date. My important meeting was with her. I met this woman about 1 hour before this photo was taken. Now, when ever we are arguing about the exact date of our anniversary, I always check the date of this photo to be on the winning side.


The light in this photo is fully natural without any modifiers. The angle of the light was pleasant for my eye and I think that it gives this photo a lot of depth.


I took this photo with Nikon D600 and if I recall right I was using 85mm lens.


This photo is very simple to capture. All you need is sunny day, autumn, leafs and some nice background. Having fun while taking the picture is not going to hurt either.


We were walking in the middle of industrial buildings and I spotted this beautiful rustic wall with two windows. It was a little colorless although it was in direct sunlight so I asked her to go in the frame and paint the picture with colors of leafs. She took as big of a pile as she could and launched it up in this theatrical way and I got the picture. We was having so much fun!


I did remove couple of leafs from the picture. They were in wrong places and distracting my eye. I also adjusted colors a little bit. Just basic processing.

In my camera bag

I still use mainly Nikon D600 body. I also have Nikon F4 and Mamiya RB67, but these cameras are not in frequent use anymore. My lenses are Nikon 85mm f:1.8G, Nikon 50mm f:1.8 Series E, Sigma 150mm f:2.8 macro and Tokina 16-28mm f:2.8. I tend to use 150mm the most.

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