Here is something we can learn from viewbug community member Paulo Gandra (paulogandra) about the techniques and story behind this awarded photo.

I took this picture of Brazilian model Bia in her town, Coimbra, in a large room of a loft used by performing artists. The photo was taken in the afternoon, maybe about 4 pm. There was a window in the roof in the place where I decided to use this foam sheet that I found which is used to protect objects.

For this photo, I used natural light coming from the window in the roof, a led in Bia's left side, and a little bit of flash in the front.

My old Sony A77 and a Minolta 35mm 2.0. ISO 100 f3. 5

I have seen portraits taken by a photographer I admire using this kind of materials placed between the model and the camera. The shot was a collaboration between me and the model; the idea to open a hole was mine and the position of the face and the fingers were Bia's ideas. She is a tremendous artist.

I didn't do much because of the foam sheet, just simple adjustments in the lighting and sharpness in the eye. That's all.

In my camera bag
I always carry my Sony A77, a Sony 16-50mm f2.8, a Minolta 35mm f2. 0, a Minolta 50mm macro f2.8 and a Sony 70-200 f2. 8. I also carry flashes and triggers.

The light behind the foam sheet is the most important one in my opinion. Having a large source of light coming from the top is the ideal condition.

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