Here is something we can learn from muhammadberkati about the techniques and story behind this awarded photo.


1. muhammadberkati,where did you take this photo?

I'm take this photo at isen mulang golf course, palangkaraya. Central kalimantan, Indonesia.

2. What time of day?

Time take this photo at 10.00 at the morning

3. Anything worth sharing about lighting?

In this photo shoot, natural lighting. Where the object is placed the shade and the light is not that hard.

4. What equipment did you use?

My equipment
Nikon d300s, nikkor 105 f2.8, handheld
Iso 200, f5.6, 1/125 s.

5. What inspired you to take this photo?

My inspiration master of macro indonesia, nordin seruyan. He always has a storytelling animal photos, very beautiful and always has character. With this photo I also picked up a frog story is enhanced by a butterfly that landing on the head.

6. Did you do any post-processing? if yes, tell us about it!

Post processing with photoshop cc.
1. Cropping for composition.
2. Adjust brightness +10 and contrast +25.
3. Filter nik color efex , brightness and warmth saturation.
4. Filter nik color efex, darken lightin center.
5. Filter unsharp mask. Amount +95, +1 , 0
6. Invert and masking for only detail.

7. What equipment do you normally have in your bag?

My equipment on the bag.
1. Nikon d300s
2. Nikkor 105 f2.8
3. Nikkor 50 f1.4
4. Extube
5. Trioplan 100 mm f2.9
6. Flash youngnoo
7. 2 batteries en-l3e.

8. Any advice for others trying to capture something similar?

photos of animals try in the morning between 06.00 to 10.00 am. At that time the animal is still less activity. Try not to hold or touch directly, Use leaves or branches. Moreover, a new butterfly from the cocoon was minimal activity. And of course in the early morning light was very soft.


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