ViewBug is an international community with amazing photographers from all over the World. Today we are featuring Lithuanian creative photographer Laima, who's photos feel like a magical dream.

Laima, where did you take this photo and at what time of the day?

This photo was taken at my home studio in Lithuania, Vilnius. People and most of women around me often inspire me to take creative picture of them. The model in the picture is also my friend who I wanted to shoot for a long time. This photoshoot had to be creative and fun way to spend an evening. I invited several friends in promise that I will take some pictures of two of them. But I was full of entusiasm and it took much longer than it was planned. So in a result I didn't have a chance to join and talk with them but even better - I made photographs that I am really glad.

Anything worth sharing about lighting and what equipment did you use?

I wanted to create dreamy and a bit mystic scene from the past with a cinematographic feel. I decided to use modular light with softboxes and left the background darker to make a more dramatic look.

I used Nikon D600 camera with 85mm, f/1,8 lens.

What inspired you to take this photo?

Women that never had a photos hoot before often are better than professional models and help me be more creative during the photo shoot, they act more real and are more unique, so the result often surprises me.

Did you do any post-processing? 

I always do post-processing to make my pictures feel more dreamy. I feel that it makes my photos look more like a piece of art.

Any advice for others trying to capture something similar?

I pay the most attention in the model's face and body language. Every single body part from head to toe has to create a flowing composition. My advice would be not to overload your portraits with many items. Remember that the background fills the story in the picture, but the person's face and body are the main subject and should be highlighted.

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