Learn the story behind this great photo by jamesvbanksjr, "Watch for combinations of elements that lend themselves to great light, a hazy day lends itself fantastically to great golden tones."
1. jamesvbanksjr, where did you take this photo?

Within the world of Midwest photography, there is a sort-of mecca among photographers known as "The Rusty Old Cadillac West of Rochelle". Located a few miles west of Rochelle Illinois along Rt 38, is the old barn where the old girl has been for many a year. She has had several positions out by the barn over the years, but based on requests by other photographers she has been parked in her current position. Yeas I said based on requests. Turns out that the owner actually gets a little kick out of the fact that so many photographers from all over come to seek her out. I can personally attest to the lengths some will come to find her as I have been out there on occasions and met with other shooters from Indiana, Michigan, even once a couple from Wyoming.

2. What time of day?

The image was taken during evening light, for the nice golden tones.

3. Anything worth sharing about lighting?

No additional lights were used, a 100% naturally lit image.

4. What equipment did you use?

Image was shot with a Canon T1i using an EF-S 18-55mm F3.4-5.6 kit lens that came with my original Digital Rebel.. the image was 1/200 sec at F/5.6. A tripod was used for a good solid base.

5. What inspired you to take this photo?

As stated I have been out to this old girl on several occasions, normally during the summer months. For this one the family and I were headed back from the Wisconsin Dells where we had gone for a long weekend to get the kids out of the house. It had been relatively warm so some melting had occurred, and the snow and warm air were mixing things up with a light haze to the day. As we were driving back I started to notice that this combination of haze and sunlight were giving the landscape this great soft golden feel.. as I had often wanted to head out to shoot the ol' Caddi in winter, I decided on a little detour to see her.

6. Did you do any post-processing? If yes, tell us about it!

Post was very minimal.. basically nothing more than the general adjustments in lightroom, and a slight crop.

7. What equipment do you normally have in your bag?

My bag is fairly minimal.. Normally theres the Camera, the 18-55, a CAnon 75-300, and the Canon 100mm MACRO (Which I love to use for my portrait work). bewond that just a Circle polarizer and a ND filter, microfiber towels and a pump blower.

8. Any advice for others trying to capture something similar?

Watch for combinations of elements that lend themselves to great light, a hazy day lends itself fantastically to great golden tones. When shooting Cars, Get low or get high for best results. You either want to be at ground so you are on level with the front bumper (Just squatting down's not enough, you need to get your but on the ground.. your clothes can be washed.), or you want to be elevated up above looking down.. top of a 6ft ladder at least.


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