ViewBug community member Austen Risolvato is an American professional photographer and videographer from Atlanta, GA. She has called many places home including Los Angeles, Atlanta, Paris, and Brighton. Her experience in photography is as broad as her client list; from portraiture, event, wedding, fine art, and travel to editorial. Among others her clients have included Disney Interactive, Lucasfilm, YouTube, The Clinton Foundation, Bloomberg Philanthropies, and Lush Cosmetics. She approaches every client differently choosing to focus on what will make the photos best reflect who her clients are how they’d like their experience reflected in the images she creates.

Make A Wish by ARisolvato

Here is something we can learn from ARisolvato about the techniques and story behind this awarded photo.

ARisolvato, where did you take this photo?

This was shot at Turner Field - the former home of the Atlanta Braves. We shot this during one of their final seasons at the stadium. The bride and groom are standing on top of the Braves' dugout. This was actually right around noon. It was a game day and we were given access to to the ballpark a few hours before the gates were opened for the fans attending that day's game. It was possibly the worst time of day for lighting but we were at the mercy of scheduling from Major League Baseball. ND filters are a game changer on a bright summer southern day.

Major League I-Dos by ARisolvato

What equipment did you use?

This was shot on a Canon 5D MKII at 58mm a f 5 with one stop ND filter.

What inspired you to take this photo?

I love shooting the shoes on a wedding day, but in particular this shot felt special. The bride and groom both work in sports, he works in professional sports broadcasting and she works in baseball - having previously worked for the Braves before moving on to another MLB team. We were on top of the Braves dugout when I noticed how nice the colors were reading, so I laid down on my stomach and looked through the lens to see how this shot might read. I loved it, and I love how you can just see the "A" on the dugout at their feet.

Did you do any post-processing? 

Some basic color correction but otherwise this is as shot.

Alien by ARisolvato

What equipment do you normally have in your bag?

When I'm shooting weddings with my wedding company, Amoureux Weddings my kit contains: Canon 5D MKIV, Canon 5D MKII, Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L USM Lens, Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L Is II USM, Canon EF 50mm f/1.8, and Canon EF 24-105mm f4L IS II USM Lens. I carry ND filters in a few stops, a speed light, and depending on the settings will bring a lighting kit for portraits.

All the Queen's Men  by ARisolvato

Any advice for others trying to capture something similar?

Make sure you're looking in the least obvious place for a shot. That's kind of the best thing I can say. We were so fortunate that the Braves organization was willing to let us shoot their portraits at the stadium.

Billie Joe Armstrong - Green Day - Carson City, CA by ARisolvato

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