Today we bring you viewbug PRO member alekrivec who is a photographer from Slovenia. "The majority of my photos are from Slovenia, a hidden jewel of Europe, showing high Alpine peaks, emerald rivers, vineyard countryside, medieval castles, thriving cities, and the small but distinctive coast"

1. alekrivec, where did you take this photo?

This image was taken in the Karma valley in the Julian Alps in Slovenia. It was taken about 15 minutes after the sunrise when the sunlight was already hitting the mountains on the right.  This was shot with Nikon D810 and Nikor 14-24 on a tripod.

2. Anything worth sharing about lighting?

The light comes to the valley when the Sun is already very high so the light is very harsh at that time. So the best time to shoot is actually when the sunlight is not yet present in the valley, but only on the peaks of the mountains.

3. What inspired you to take this photo?

I just wanted to photograph my dog between Erica's flowers which are the first flowers in the valley. Spring was very early that year and some flowers are blossoming even one month earlier than usual. Krma valley was already full of Erica's plants, while the trees and grass remain dry and gray.

4. Did you do any post-processing? If yes, tell us about it!

I just did some normal post-processing, emphasizing certain colors a bit.

5. What equipment do you normally have in your bag?

I normally carry my Nikon D810 and three lenses: Nikkor 14-24, Tamron 70-200mm and Tamron 150-600mm.

6. Any advice for others trying to capture something similar?

I don't think there is anything really special, but to be at a great location at the right time. Then it's just about taking the right shot when the dog is doing something special.

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