We are excited to introduce you to awarded travel photographer albertdros, he shares the techniques and story behind his awarded photo: "I'm a dutch hobby/semi professional photographer who loves photographing all kinds of stuff and loves to travel the world!"

1. Where did you take this photo?

I took this photo in a relatively new area in Amersfoort, called Vathorst, the Netherlands.

2. What time of day?

I love taking photos of cityscaps inbetween sunset and pure night, meaning blue hour. There's a sweet spot in which buildings still have their rich colours but are not too dark. I aim to shoot at this particular time.

3. Anything worth sharing about lighting?

This street is pretty well lit by the street lighting. The colour temperature doesn't mess up the colours of the buildings. I have no idea if they thought of that when designing it, but it's nice for us photographers.

4. What equipment did you use?

This shot was done with my Sony A7II and Samyang 14mm f2.8

5. What inspired you to take this photo?

I had seen these houses from the highway. When I'm driving around I often look around if I see some interesting spots. This place is quite close to my hometown so I drove along side of it many times. I already knew that Vathorst is a great place to photograph and this little place really stands out. The colourful tones and the nice shapes. And the details of the little birds on the top of the houses.

6. Did you do any post-processing? If yes, tell us about it!

I love processing so I really made an idealistic version of this photograph. I enhanced the colours and really enhanced the reflection too.

7. What equipment do you normally have in your bag?

I like to travel light but I really care about image quality. At the moment I'm using my Sony A7II with the Zeiss 16-35 mainly. It's a great package that can shoot most of the things I need as I love to shoot land- and cityscapes. This photo was done with the 14mm Samyang. This lens is a bit wider but quite heavy and not much flexibility. I like to take it with me when I go out for night shooting by car. I shot alot of landscapes with this lens previously but at the moment it's replaced for 80% of shots by the Zeiss 16-35.

8. Any advice for others trying to capture something similar?

My advice is to look for interesting things around you. Things you think that are 'normal' can look absolutely great in a photo. Also think how they would look at different times of day. Cityscapes really come to life when the evening falls, because of all of the lights.

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