Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best B&W shots in this awesome photo contest from our Shoot Used series with chances to win a Leica D-LUX 3 Camera.

A special thanks to all the photographers that helped us find the following winner and some of the most inspiring shots within this photo contest by voting for their favorite submissions.

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Talk..I'm listening" by petrhingar

Congratulations Runner Up "The last train home" by aadnan

Congratulations Runner Up "Watching sunrise" by sushmitasadhukhan

Congratulations People's Choice "the-gathering-storm" by RobinHM

"Together we Rest Divided we Sail " by Nishant-101

"Souls" by neilantondumas

"The King" by HamishMitchell

"PARALLEL." by iggyblancopelegrina

"water hat" by rachel

"***" by Jarik

"Our house.." by carloolegario

"B&W Portrait_" by luscadeyzel

"Bird study" by BoneShakerUK

"serious " by kirstenellis

"Stag at Richmond Park - London" by Clare1981

"BenPotier-Emmahat" by benpotier

"Hay Bales Long 0001" by iamrtl

"Bustle" by Vemsteroo

"Larissa" by ludobeck

"IMG_0077-2" by Marklautenbach

"barbora" by mistyfoto

"Arch" by RoyM

"Life is a Beautiful Struggle" by AdamOoiPhotography

"Reflections series 1" by jasonfeather

"Miroir d'Eau Pt. II - Sprint" by Vemsteroo

"Grace" by elencane

"'murca" by johnmoon_8348

"S T O. N I N O" by mannylibreslibrodo

"Inside, looking out" by anders_samuelsson

"Katerina" by IraklisMakrygiannakis

"Old man" by Aisha_m7md

"thomas bw" by PFPhotography

"Panayia Portrait B&W" by christopherstavrinides

"Protect" by galsworth

"My eyes not see" by genchopetkov

"Determination" by LiveInspiredByBrenda

"Harmony" by DraganMilovanovic

"Back" by emilsgludins

"The Crossing" by sfaris

"Chain Mail" by Spider1987

"Eye" by saugirdasgumbis

"Herve-pierre-Mudry25" by hervmudry

"The Birds" by htorres209

"Time to think" by daydreamer1203

"Haystack Canon Beach - Oregon" by tq1962

"Going Home 2" by David-Gregory

"4 Friends" by fotoshotz

"OFF with their heads!" by AlexaStudios

"Relic of Icuras" by ADesign

"No Trust For Tomorrow" by EugeneBond

"Wombwell Ings Long exposure" by markdobson

"FoamBlanket-BW" by HawaiiHans

"PostOakFalls-nowatermark" by chrismartintv

"Black and White Manhattan NYC Skyline" by ginag0108

"wave16_pano" by pauljackson_4080

"Holocaust Memorial - Berlin" by joeatkins

"Elephant kiss" by CreativeGaz

"nieuwe zoeken1030596" by henkegbertzen

"Robin 01" by Roach1969

"Juno Pier" by AddisonUyPhotography

"Island in the Sky Lightning No. 1" by ianlipton

"lonely photographer" by matoy

"Staring out from the shemagh s" by BugmanJohn

"Bodie Lighthouse B&W" by gregthompson

"Mighty Tree" by fidfoto

"On a mission" by markmahler

"Soussosvlei" by Pointomega

"Eye contact" by calmas5

"7 am in Thailand" by adriduqueg

"Catcher" by sabatesphoto

"Winter Bridge" by laurinovakphoto

"DSC_6302-Edit" by pnewbery

"Tears II" by meralpevirgen

"Phare Rose Blanche" by JoelDucharme

"Rhino" by bradleyrasmussen

"The light at the end of the...Brooklyn Bridge" by amona27

"Dives" by RussElkins

"Party of Four" by phyllisburchett

"Old Style Workmanship - Queen Victoria Building, Sydney" by philipjohnson

"playin the blues" by Kcable

"Halnaker Windmill" by adifloyde

"Shake it!" by Cbries

"051209-1298 cuba trinidad-sfx-breedt" by willemkuijpers

"Ursa Emerges" by Athena_B

"whiteshark5" by LandonWisePhoto

"Snowmelt Rapids" by BobBetts

"lion2" by simonmartinlewis

"Heading for the highest..." by journeyer50

"Darkness at Skogafoss" by pulaw89

"The Pier" by CurtisReese

"Ore Wagon (Bodie) B&W" by markcote

"The Hungarian Parliament" by ElenaParaskeva

"color blind" by lianeguerinbolles

""Illuminata"" by marcogabbuggiani

"Eye 2 Eye - Elk" by JimCumming

"boulevard of broken dreams" by ovosphotography

"Young Man and Old Guitar" by Jani80

"Gásadalur village in Faroe Islands" by TrashTheLens

"Palouse Falls" by janrider

"500AM" by Lamchop