For this night photo contest, we invited you to share your best night shots showing architecture as the main aspect of the composition with chances to win a Leica Instant Camera and more. A big thank you to all participants and congratulations to the selected photographers.

Congratulations People's Choice "Semperoper " by LukasPetereit

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Into the vessel " by KelleyWJohnson

Congratulations Runner Up "The City That Never Sleeps " by mazzy1166

Congratulations Runner Up "434A7FE6-CC72-4453-911A-5C748DF8CD46 " by kennethwillassen_9158

Congratulations Runner Up "So dutch " by KarineEyE

"Exclusion " by Jellyfire

"Love orange and blue " by nathanokkerse

"Rampix Cityscapes " by Rampix_mk

"Union Station Lighttrails " by ThanePhelan

"Had a great time photographing Tower Bridge at sunrise last weekend...even " by DaveMctography

" " by massimilianoconiglio

"Stone Arch Bridge " by lakevermilionphotos

" " by Mtheil

"Amsterdam zicht op de Zeedijk #amsterdamcity #amsterdamlife #amsterdam #amst " by DennisartPhotography

"Catch the Bus " by framing-places

"Nashville sunset " by DavePrender

"Sydney Opera House " by ncchetty

"Tap Rock ,on the Rogue " by MegaryT

"Big Ben upon Thames River " by mariostomazou

"St Peters Basilica and Angels Bridge at night " by MBphotographybiz

"Chicago River-walk " by Brisno1

"hdr-casin-di-montecarlo " by maurizioverdecchia

"Sydney Opera House by night " by bernartphoto

"louvre " by enriquekapie

"Lunar City " by kapuschinsky

"canonical view of St. Basil's Cathedral from the side of Red Square " by alexey_gorshenin

"_DSC8970-vb " by didiersmal

"view to St Pauls " by matthewarmsby

"Elan Valley at Night " by philowen

"Gotham " by jaycohen

"Beautiful Amsterdam " by costasganasosphotography

"New and old building " by icefritz

"Time exposure of Philadelphia City Hall at Night " by philiprozenski

"London at one of my last spots for the night. " by ciaranpalmer94

"Gotham vibes " by jmolivaphotography

"Jersey City skyline (shot from New York City. August 2018 " by MMK

"prague " by Kim79

"Moon light in the city " by Wayne_Sr

"Nighttime in Columbus " by njarehart

"Leeds - Concert Arena " by Vontripenhof

"Kranhaus, Cologne " by johannesoehl

"Verona 1 " by telmark

"Girona SUPERLUNA " by danieloterosobrino

"Above the Street " by PhillipMinnis

"Arts in the Fog - Dallas Arts District " by jfischerphotography

"Sunset in Reitdiephaven, Holland " by ritaholdhus

""Golden View" " by manueladurson

"Gothenburg by night " by rosbergphoto

"Cityscape on the Bay " by darrenlovecchio

"Ponte settimia Spizzichino " by SalvatiPhotography

"Lisbon street " by JulienBeyrath

"Lombard Bursts " by RIFFMASTERDAN

"Walking the line " by michaelevans

"Cathedral of Cologne " by RuudMooi

"Sønderho mølle " by F-Baun

"Moscow City " by klepikovadaria

"Twin Towers " by antoniozarli

"Burj Khalifa Moon Rise " by MikeW

"Busy Road to The Eiffel Tower Paris Bob Riach Jigsaw Photography LTD " by Bob-Riach

" " by andrewwheeler

"The Art Gallery of Windsor " by Fatehi

"T H E G O L D E N G A T E " by Dantes_View

"Moonglow behind Nubble Light " by deannefortnam

"Technicolor Sydney " by swinterphotography

"Red Landing " by peterburu

"Detroit Skyline at Night " by DeadEye

"New York at Night " by mkrof72

"Carnegie Hall, NYC " by lancebylancelowrie

"Peace Bridge Panoramic " by LMK_Photography

"Chain Bridge of Budapest " by ericcriswell

"Urban Madness " by NiCoBoCo

"Seattle " by Beno62

"Reflections of the Capitol " by Mark73

"Spinnaker Tower2 " by johnmdavies

""Florence doubles" " by marcogabbuggiani

"To Infinity and Beyond " by petergreig

"GC N2 " by gregdickson

"Louvre Lightning Pyramid " by Ananta

"City by night " by RTDPhotos

"Dark Series III " by SPSPhotos

"Golden Guggenheim " by dompinson

"Night At St Chads " by CPF_Photoart

"Bridge Over Calming Waters " by EdwardPeiPhotography

"Rush Hour " by PhotoMark

"Harbor T.O. from Tall Ship " by leslieharris_6512

"03 Gandawa veb ost " by tomaszspychaa

"Vienna by night " by zenit

"Winthrop " by marchesedp

"Fog in the City " by natosed

"Bridge over Chicago River at night " by edwardsikora

"The Castle " by JoseDRiquelme

"Birmingham UK " by Ellie_Simcock

"Sculpture @ Menlyn Main: Faith " by Karl-Heinz

"Ulsan " by jasonteale

"Showground station " by emmafleetwood