Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photos showing animals interacting with water in the Animals And Water Photo Contest with chances to win a Sigma Lens and more and more!

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Tamara Gooch for her collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. Tamara Gooch is a professional award winning Equine and Portrait photographer based out of Nampa Idaho. Tamara’s emotional and captivating images have had her ranked as one of the top 3 equine photographers in the world for several years. Ranch & Reata magazine named her one of the top 5 photographers they’ve ever published and the accolades just continue to grow. Her photographs are emotional and creative with an artistic flare having been published extensively in US and international publications. Her work is also represented at several prestigious galleries throughout the western United States. Tamara leads several photography workshops each year inspiring others with her photographic passion and knowledge.

Congratulations People's Choice "In wilderness at midnight" by kaunisto_pasi

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Wings" by franklinabbott

"Franklin's image is an eye catcher and I knew it was my winner first look through the finalists. Wonderful lines, great timing, and nice even light.  This is not a image that is easily obtained and truly shows an animal interacting with water. I love the detail in the bird." - Tamara Gooch

Congratulations Runner Up "© Natural fotografie by Tamara Nederkoorn" by Natural-fotografie

"Tamara's use of color, texture and composition is wonderful.  Her image of the flamingo is very pleasing to the eye, a great fine art piece." - Tamara Gooch

Congratulations Runner Up "and action" by sabrinawob

"Sabrina nailed this dog in action.  The intense look on his face as he runs toward his catch, whether it be a bird or a toy, is fabulous. Well done." - Tamara Gooch

Congratulations Runner Up "sunrise water horse mist " by edytatrojaskakoch

"Edyta's fantastic use of backlighting and atmosphere as the horse moves through the water is lovely." - Tamara Gooch

Congratulations Amateur Winner "Water rail" by Argatykites

"Tail show" by Beyerphoto

"Okawango Delta" by valerioleone

"Returning to the Sea" by iwangroot

"First catch" by antonagarkov

"Survivor" by tomrexjessett

"Clamming upright" by ccpence

"DAILY COMMUTE" by CreationScape

"Mom and the kids" by jozi1

"Camarague372" by kathycline

"Lioness Reflection" by CindiAlvarado

"Wolf and Water" by DancingAspensPhotography

"Full House" by BonZeye

"Mom & Baby Elephant Drinking" by BensViewfinder

"Splashing" by Tazi

"Willet Wave Running" by mattcuda

"Zander and the Polar Bear" by stevehikida

"Cooling Off" by djensen

"Whale Shark" by lancebylancelowrie

"Angry Elephant Madikwe South Africa" by naturesart

"Ursa Emerges (2)" by Athena_B

"Frog Reflecting" by dpinard

"The smell of freedom ..." by voss

"A little wet?" by chrisreichard

"Mother & Calf " by chrisknight

"Thirst" by lifearound

"Rambo In the Sky" by jesdomacasse

"~ Shaking ~" by Henrik_Spranz

"waterlover Lotta" by stadthunde-erfurt

"painting a boat" by sookie

"Into the Deep" by abigoulding

"The Best Viewpoint" by davidgodwin

"_MG_1652" by anthonyryan

"Cooling" by CreativeArtView

"IMG_7663" by elizabethgrottlestrebel

"Double Trouble" by felicityberkleef

"Polar bears are just big doggies" by kjoya

"Resting Orcas" by Lpepz

"Joy of Running Unleashed" by TrekLightly

"Wild White Horses " by alinecaid

"Splish Splash" by ClaudiaKuhn

"Cooling Off" by meganlorenz

"Chaos" by Lopez980

"_ACT8048" by robheath

"Hitching a ride" by zachparkerimages

"Rhino Tea Party" by UfotoAfrica

"Ghostly" by natosed

"Leap of Faith" by jowin2

"water joy" by lynefournier

"Buffalo herd drinking" by maniebekker

"Swimming Time" by marcobertazzoni

"Close encounter with a squirrel" by Evi_Verstraeten

"The Misty Mountains Cold " by gullfaxi

"labaction" by thatblacklabby

"Hammerhead On " by MattWFrost

"Cottage-Dog " by tracymunson

"Have a drink " by thomasretterath

"The Conductor of Swan Lake " by Irene_van_Nunen

"Eagle Battle " by SShinners

"Take My Good Side " by marcpickard

"Great Hammerhead - Bahamas " by devonmassyn

"Pastel Evening " by Twilightgirl

"2017.10.19 breaching calf 5520 " by DeanaG73

"The Mythical Sea Dragon " by Ashley_Missen

"Volunteer Beach " by lmr337

"Chickadee " by deannefortnam

"Bathtime " by dellaina

"20170729-_DSC6564 " by outside

"quick drink" by bridgephotography

"orca" by manuelmartel

"Jelly in Colour" by Greatwhitesean

"What Bubble??" by Majik756

"Is it safe to come out" by hibbz

"untitled" by Spijkerboer

"Fish fight" by ireid195

"tiger couple" by robertelwancinega

"Good Catch" by csamson

"MRK22874-613" by David_Eppley

"Reflecting" by ventenni

"Snow monkeys sulking" by cchyeoh

"Lioness Drinking" by calebpeterson

"Katmai bear fishing" by kbhasker

"Stand your Ground" by bmackenziephotography

""Here come the Killers!!"" by DANewman