The animal kingdom is made up of more than one million species from mammals and reptiles to birds and insects. For this photo contest, we invited you to share your best photos showing animals in a creative way with chances to win a Canon EOS Rebel T6 camera and more. Congratulations to the following finalists:

"Seal puppy " by trofimov-photo

"Goat " by kerber

"Lioness and her Cubs " by Jay_S

" " by IAMTDS

"Cows " by daleyelaina

"Whose Taller? " by DaveKochPhoto

"family of monkeys " by francklavoyer

"Majestic " by Robert84ak

"_DSC0708-44 " by shayw

"“I tawt I taw a puddy shark!” " by nunziosantisi

"BB73E356-5F18-4041-9FAD-DAE3C93E9462 " by veronicacanchola

"Scream! " by BabsB

"The Best Viewpoint " by davidgodwin

"That Look " by RobbieRoss

"Thresher sharks " by jgnu

"IMG_1875 " by aipop

"The Infinite Monkey " by ajmphoto

" Rocky Mountian Mustangs " by johnboland

"#elite_raptors #elite_worldwide_birds #marvelouz_animals #marvelous_shots #b " by olewo

"Bears Fighting " by Hymakar

"The Eyes Have It " by habilephotography

"Humpback Whale Breach in Alaska " by DebbieSalvesen

"Chillin " by wanderinjon

"Pleased to meet you . . . " by Pete_Rowbottom

"Majesty " by Tysondv

"Attackt " by petrikarjanmaa

"Stumped Screech " by GreenCopperz

"Before the fight " by twieczorek

"Elephant safari " by Amuthumbi

"Fight of the kings ! " by Jean-Francois

"Fallow deers. " by kjellkarlsson

"howling " by Alexander_Sviridov

"Bored " by pilardazgmez

"siberian amur tiger " by JBramerPhotography

"Rusty " by garrychisholm

"Timeless Bison " by ryankostphotography

"Gentoo " by ingeseverinsen

"Mummy Bear " by JeffAlexander

"Old friends " by Wim_Moons

" " by (A)ChrisIS

"Breaching Humpback " by (A)jonfreeman

"Viper (Cerastes cerastes) " by (A)drbonn