Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best shots showing geometrical shapes in this photo contest with chances to win a Canon EOS Rebel T6 and more.

Congratulations People's Choice "Sand and sea collide " by MNPphotography

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Dayon " by quinnkirby

Congratulations Runner Up " " by Ivan_Bertusi

Congratulations Runner Up "ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN " by FrancoisHorne

Congratulations Runner Up "Leteci_Hormoniubbles " by MarioHorvat

Congratulations Amateur Winner "Dole Plantation " by gabrielsantoro

" " by shellycolemandesrosiers

"Joe Louis Tunnel " by stevechoryan

"Geometrical " by sventaubert

" " by ObisJozsef

"Tea time in Cotswolds " by Magicaltrails

"La Pedrera/ Casa Mila is one of Gaudi's architectural masterpieces in Barcelona. It is a most iconic work of civic architecture due to both its constructional and functional innovations, as well as its ornamental and decorative work " by RanaJabeen

"Straight up " by patmeierphoto

"Space Observatory " by regnaphoto

"*** " by Barud

"Rotterdam " by wayneshum_6890

"Dark Series III " by SPSPhotos

"Columns " by ingapyata

"Sometimes being stopped on a bridge can be fun! " by scottluihnimages

"Exit " by Pete_Rowbottom

"looking up " by cezarysk

"Red Door " by Svetlana_Sewell

"Four Corners " by Car1os

"Ayla Rose " by gregkirkydoodles

"Geometrical light " by sagarag

"7 legs " by Albin_j_o

"The St Gate " by FredGramoso

" " by BGoodsellPhotography

"Haunting " by ErikDerbyPhotography

"DSC_0453 " by tracyburroughsbrown

"The Pool " by nicken

"DSC_2902 " by Pencas

"Feel The Love !! " by emotionslocker

"Honey Comb " by SeowSweeMeng

"Museum of Islamic Art (II) " by chowe328

"Twin Towers KL " by PeteSavagePhotos

"Colored Architecture " by JoseMelim

"Railroad Bridge " by Brian104

" " by peterstevens

"The Irene Hixon Whitney bridge " by benallenphoto

"monument1 " by ela0311

"At the viaduct " by lauracoomber

"Life " by srijanroy15

"Square'n'Square " by fabz0_0

"The shard " by anavelarubio

"The Millenium Bridge & The Baltic " by michaelatkinson_5804

"Stay Dandy! " by LauraAnnG

"_X7A3920 4.JPG " by ZoltanKr

"Leading " by Vaske

"Spoon with forks " by howardashton-jones

"__ " by SergZabolotskih

"NYC " by ts446photo

"Do all things with kindness " by DesertOrca

"DC192719 IO PS Edit " by sosayweall

" Concrete jungle " by socreative

"Cubist Living " by cclaude

"Louvre " by Pakhomova

" " by nasmgraphia

"curvy outlines in Los Angeles " by RobZucho

"Glasgow " by Mtheil

"rodeolensball2 " by PaulLavoieImages

"IMG_0064 " by sarathvitala

"GSM_8076 " by photoABSTRACTION

"The City Hall - Toronto " by jacksoncarvalho

"Follow the Light " by Dana_Walker

"Golden Guggenheim " by dompinson

"Bike_Wheel " by WAeagle

"It's nice to look back at old photos with a fresh set of eyes and just tweak them up a little bit. This is probably my favorite photo I've ever taken but I've never thought to go back and take another look. That's probably why a lot of " by albaker

"City Buildings " by EricaAlmquist

"b&w shard " by ismeghead

"warp zone " by JonByronV

"Museu de les Ciencies Principe Felipe " by pnewbery

"Jogging under the storto " by Marco_Tagliarino

"Morning walk " by carmenioneanu

"crying blue wall " by eelcovanroden

"Infinity Staircase " by GkCM

"Oculus, The One World Trade Center Ultra Modern Train Station " by KayBrewer

"Deadhorse Mill Fall " by derricksniderimagery

"Kubuswoningen " by enriquekapie

"On a hoop in the rain 1 " by briancann

"across the bridge in the fog " by Anna_Miziolek

"Downtown Ore Dock " by donbenderphotography

"Close up at 9mm, Taurus " by KColbyPhotography

"Geometry (2) " by antoniogirlando

"VW Bus Emblem " by kenkast2

"Landmark " by jaycohen

"_6102258-Edit1200_PX_Web " by wayneobald

" " by ricardomarques

"Under the sky " by Prijaznica