Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photos showing your adventures around the World in the Adventure Land Photo Contest, part of the Outside Views Series in collaboration with Macphun. a Big thank you to guest judge Jay Goodrich. Jay is an internationally published adventure photojournalist living in the mountains surrounding Jackson, Wyoming. He spends six months out of the year traveling the world creating stories about riding bikes on dirt and skis on snow. Recent clients include Bike, Dirt Rag, National Geographic, Outside, Powder, and many more.

Adventure is a difficult term to define. For some, adventure can be found as close as their back yards, but for others it is defined by traveling to the remote corners of the earth. To the inexperienced, I feel that the adventure becomes about the destination. Standing at some remote location and snapping a “we made it” photo very rarely produces an image that inspires me. For me, the greatest photos that I have ever taken have happened during the process of the adventure - the journey. The setbacks, the laughter, the fear, even the beauty experienced with a single person or a group of people becomes the true adventure. It becomes the story that we all get to share with the world after we return home. So when I look at photos that illustrate an adventure, I want to conjure up a story in my own mind of what was going on at the very moment the photographer released the shutter.  

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "hunting time" by henrykurniawan

"This photo not only defines the concept of adventure through the photo itself, but does so with where the photographer needed to go to create it. When I looked at this photo, I began to think of the stories the hunters will tell to each other while out there hunting and the new stories that they will have when they return." - guest judge

Congratulations Runner Up "The Biker" by martinpodt

"The misty light instantly captured my heart in this photo. I want to go ride there right now. I often ride my bike on the margins of the day and this reminds me of all of those adventures." - guest judge

Congratulations Runner Up "Climbing at Cinque Torri" by jamesrushforth

"As someone who used to climb, this photo highlights that feeling of being high above your surroundings - scary and exhilarating. And again, you typically don’t climb by yourself so the journey is mutually experienced with at least one other person." - guest judge

Congratulations Runner Up "The courier" by TomerE

"Immediately knowing this was taken in Petra, my next thought is to ask, “What’s the deal?”, a horse and carriage aren’t something I would expect to see is this location, so I want to know more about the story." - guest judge

Congratulations Amateur Winner "winter memory" by mathildejenkins

Congratulations People's Choice "Midnight sun" by DanielKordan

"Yellow Mountain" by bobtour

"Dreamy Dutch Sunrise" by albertdros

"untitled" by simon_cerulean

"Seceda" by dfrancis2

"Ogoy island, Baikal" by Cookieman

"Haifoss" by bengreenphotography

"found" by CreativeArtView

"SUNSET-PANO" by RobCrutcher

"Volcanic landscape" by varemo

"Delicate Arch" by npentecost

"Light of moon, light of sun" by antonagarkov

"An Adventure to Remember" by JennaVee

"[ … polar night ] " by raymondhoffmann

"Rossfjord - Northern Norway" by JKBPhotography

"Cunis Ignis" by bluetorus

"untitled" by Lucky4life

"Eating Marmallows and Drinking Cider High Above Wapta Falls, BC" by Edinseye

"waterfall portrait" by ovi_craciun

"First love" by Tor-Ivar

"Emergence of magic" by nicolaisolbakkwillumsen

"Camargue white horses silhouette" by jg74

"Huts" by milkyway

"Lynn Valley Suspension Bridge " by liammcdonald

"Winter Light House" by Jeta1websandpix

"Yosemite Fire Falls. Project 52 week 8" by Bruz

"Narnia" by racheljonesross

"winter forest (The last monk - Posledný mních)" by dzajro_com

"Iceland Ice Cave" by grantcollier

"Iran " by scottlin

"swiss cheese" by rolandbach

"Trolltunga" by marc-photographie

"Bridal Falls" by michellevallese

"Base camp " by DustinPenman

"Belittled by Nature" by laceybear

"Dancing in the dark" by marcocacciatore

"Bruarfoss - iceland 2" by Throughmycanon

"Diamonds on the Beach" by NatashaHaggard

"Mount Bromo" by kenvinpinardy

"Amazon River" by Davenportfolio

"New day comming" by JesusSanz

"Endless" by Alovaddin

"Matanuska Glacier" by jeffehlers

"Take it all in" by victoraerden

"Champagne Pool" by PaulPersys

"Cutting the cheese " by joshuaperrett

"Among the Redwoods" by emxsee