Thank you to all the photographers that shared their adventure photos in this photo contest with chances to win The Sony 4K Action Cam X1000V: Grab pro-level footage in gorgeous 4K resolution, with advanced image stabilization to counteract vibration and 240p recording for super slow-motion HD video. All in a splashproof body with manual controls, stereo mic with wind noise-reduction and built-in Wi-Fi. A special thanks to friend and professional photographer Theodore Barrett Van Orma for his collaboration as a guest judge. Theodore is a RedBull Illume Finalists. He lives in Evergeen, Colorado, USA. He love composing and documenting Life with his camera.

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Path to nowhere" by maximletovaltsev

"I love this shot, it appears that they are exploring the clouds... Nothing screams adventure to me, like marching into the unknown, in conditions that are not favorable to comfort.. I love how the mountain top blends into the cloudscape, amazing! " - Theodore Barrett Van Orma

Congratulations Runner Up "Scared of heights?" by Snaplov

"The subject is obviously putting herself out of her comfort zone.. Which is what adventure is all about.. I love how she is looking over the edge into such an amazing landscape.. The subject draws my eyes into the frame and adds so much more power to this already powerful landscape. It makes me want to explore and to push myself to new heights, that I may not be comfortable experiencing.. Awesome" - Theodore Barrett Van Orma

Congratulations Runner Up "Midnightsun in Reinefjorden, Lofoten Islands " by tomaszfurmanek

"I love this photo for many reasons.. The landscape, the reflection and the composition. The landscape looks like an amazing place to explore and the way the photograph is split down the middle of  the frame with his kayak and the background mountain does wonders for my eyes.. This photograph makes me feel like I am there, in the moment." - Theodore Barrett Van Orma

Congratulations Runner Up "Vatnajokull Glacier Ice Cave" by shanewheelphoto

"Ballon Ride" by CarolPlummer

"Angel's Landing Trail" by hannahjor

"JeepnIcicles" by CarolSadler

"Selfie in the Deep" by wyattbrown

"Sunset from Atop Viejas Mountain" by Sierralara

"Lake Louise Canoe" by brendanvanson

"Looking for Adventure" by lidiaesteves

"Silent ride" by StanleyDellimore

"Heading up into the sky" by FJWalker

"Sunrise over the valley" by JPP300

"Ghost Tower" by awesomeTRAVELness

"Where the Compass Points" by LMImages

"The time It was called caravan" by alessandrobuzzbertorelle

"Feeling small" by thomaskast

"Lone" by chriszhao

"Dope Fluid" by crippledangle

"Francesco enjoying La spada di Damocle" by jamesrushforth

"Lonely..." by kbrowko

"Over Siena" by daveweber

"LA dreams" by jasongerard

"Let's fly!" by q-liebin

"waterfall" by chris-herzog

"Aloft in the Ultralight" by gracie423

"Riding the Rail" by KellyHeadrick

"PLEASURE" by nikosladic

"FISH CONFETTI" by CreativeGaz

"Coming Home For Dinner" by Style29

"Pacific Swell" by larrybeard

"Great Sand Dunes" by ChristopherLH

"Chasing stars" by kobusodendaal

"Best Seat In The House" by keepingitneil

"TOP OF THE WORLD" by stephenleonardi

"As far as the eye can see" by adifloyde

"The Trekk" by WayneRC67

"Exposure" by snowdon

"Dropping In" by howardashton-jones

"her destiny" by tadejturk

"Wing walker" by TedCobbett

"Descent to Grassy Lake" by kootenay_nature_photos

"Storm" by RobinHM

"SerendipityImagesbluemountainsnswmay19 5 2015" by colindove

"Have horse will travel" by Cashman

"bridge_day-1" by marksmith

"The Long Wait " by derricksniderimagery

"Sacred Milky Way" by jameswheeler

"Ice Cave" by coolcameragirl

"In the break " by Joseph_Bishop

"Islanda2014-128" by FedericoSerafini

"Look Up" by elliothenryisaac

"The edge of Mt.bromo volcano" by keowweeloong

"Endless" by Alovaddin

"Icelandic Glacier" by stuarthowarth

"Sunset Adventure" by laurencoakley

"On the edge" by ImagesbyStina

"A man in front of the sun 2" by mickaeltournier

"Vistas" by kathykuhn100

"Exploring Mars" by stephenippolito