A special thanks to all the photographers that shared their best B&W shots in this photo contest with chances to win a Canon EOS 70D or Nikon D5300 and more!

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Closed city " by sunprojec

Congratulations Runner Up "160525 152 " by billschching

Congratulations Runner Up "Untitled " by georgekamelakis

Congratulations Runner Up ""She wasn't looking for a knight. She was looking for a sword." -Atticus. " by JTSamson

Congratulations Runner Up "Smile is the key " by cristinascollo

Congratulations People's Choice "Emmy - Summer Rain " by erinimages

"Icelandic Horses " by AsmitaK

"???? ?? ???? " by thuanthai

"Zebra Social Networking " by ivannicolau

"touch " by desiignat

"A quick click and a curl " by Keane_Eye

" " by soemyintwinn

"Still standing " by vale_en

"star ships v2.0 " by october-9

"Pylons in Black and White " by Bopbie

"Fin d'été " by Ybou55

"IMG_7354_5_2048L " by pabfotoart

"Princes Wharf " by MaggieM1

"Alone in the Jungle " by alamsyah_rauf_2216

" " by SproutedAcornPhotography

"CAPITOL THEATRE " by hjchung

"Anna " by SeldaPhotography

"A long long wait " by FGOphoto

"elegy " by batmak

"Ilham " by germanomiele

"Naomi " by redzepagicaida

"Grungy me in B&W " by pozofolio

"John Henry " by mickeystrider

"Britney " by pauljanicki

"Lake Brunner " by jesseti

"Hoi An Couple, Vietnam " by 1dane805

"Lost in the Fog B&W " by markcote

"Street Portrait " by vascotrancoso

"Corrogin Summer Storm Structure " by jordancantelo

"Lion " by Komainu85

"Head on " by StudioEquine

"scattered. " by punk_tual

"Sleeping beauty " by asyrafariffin

"???? " by Polina

"Rips Of Darkness " by lucalibralato

"Take Five " by saraascalon

"Eva - Fearless " by keithpersall

"Behind curtains " by LaimaKavaliauskaite

"Cold Song " by marcwildpassion

"Ballet dancer " by dmitriymoskvin

"One Wish " by Reefined

"Shadows " by lisamariephotog

"Indian Man " by duncanheather

"We belong together " by patriciasoon

"Anti-gravity " by FraserPearson

"f e a r " by MM-Pics

"Roar " by dikkysoesin

"At the Gates of Heaven " by Shinegonzalvez

"DSCF2227 " by Auditus

"Figure " by JamesHewkoPhotography

"Flat Duo Jets " by Kell_baldwin

"Behold " by ElinaMeijerePhoto

"Stripes " by arielcerebelina

"portrait1 " by JaninReifer

"Edgy " by dotradley

"How, indeed. " by thaddeustobolski

"Pure Beauty " by LindaPilecki

"Paule " by daniel-roignant

"Bad Language " by matthewpopely

"??????????? " by yurykireev

"x_DSC2674 " by christophnagele

"Raven-the messanger " by Paulina_Duczman

"The Strait " by joaorico

"Quench " by ingwe911

"Bold " by kellyhorn

"Hidden " by edwinloyola

"Eyes " by camerasn

"Anastasiya " by klepikovadaria

"Broken wings " by semy

"Kodak Vintage " by michaelmarais

"Silver Surfer " by thurstonphoto

"Pure " by yannickdesmet

"Black and White Fly " by keithpassaur

"Smoke " by RazaRa

"Clinging wreck " by jmecs