ViewBug community member AndyHowePhotography's passion is wildlife photography and you can clearly see it in his images. Enjoy the story behind his safari shots. "To me, nature photography is all about being in the moment, and capturing that moment in a way that can relate to someone who didn't have the privilege of being there with me. Sometimes I am able to capture a unique vision of the scene before me, and sometimes I just capture it the way most folks would according to classical photographic guidelines. Yet I always enjoy sharing the images and experiences and imparting the knowledge I have, both in-the-field and later online".

Shot in the Maasai Mara main reserve, cubs from the Marsh pride taking a strole:

Malikia mother of the Mara Six with a few of her of spring:

Another shot of Malikai and her cubs:

Taken in the Olare Motorigi Conservancy:

Mating pair of Lions having a breather during proceedings:

Young male Leopard with his prize,he did get a visit from the resident Hyena's whilst feeding:

Amani's cubs enjoying a runaround:

This is Amani cheetah mum looking after her cubs in the Masai Mara main resreve, in the Look out Area:


Members of the Valley pride greeting each other, in the Mara North conservancy:

Two Marsh Pride cubs taking full advantage of there sleeping mother:


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