I liked photography at a very young age but never had the chance or maybe the urge to pursue it any further. I studied and worked in IT for several years until the time came to become a mum and so I had to restrain from work for a while. Given the amount of free time I had during my late pregnancy months and the fact that a new brand DSLR was about to arrive at the post (as a present from my partner for the birth of our daughter), I decided to enroll to an on-line photography course. Ever since, I loved it.

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What was your first camera and what do you shoot with today?

I ‘ve always had compact cameras but my first DSLR was a Canon 60D.

When someone looks at your photos, what are you trying to communicate?

I always try to communicate a message that touches my soul, to tell a little story, to convey an emotion that otherwise would have become unnoticed if it hadn’t been captured with that click of a button.

What is it that you love about photography?

What is there not to love about photography? Finding the beauty within our everyday lives is the main part of it and the one I love the most. Photography helps find it and convey it in the photographer’s unique way. The whole process, from capturing an idea until the moment you get to see the final result on the screen, a piece of paper or whatever that might be, is to me a little journey of creativity, fantasy and joy, like being a kid again.

What has photography done for you?

If I had to name my best friend, that would be it. It’s with me at all times, in my everyday life, my holidays, my happy times and my down times. It keeps my brain busy constantly trying to learn and explore new ideas and techniques, it has made me explore myself and find ways to express myself. I feel creative, something I had no idea existed inside me.

Do you try to be conceptual or do you prefer to show the feeling behind a photo?

I think both, as they complement each other. So, the concept of friendship, which I like a lot, can also depict emotions of tenderness, joy and love and vice versa.

How do you describe your style?

Innocent. Tender. Nostalgic. Simple.

If you had to choose one lens which one would it be and why?

I enjoy my Canon 135mm f/2.0 lens. You can shoot from a distance, it’s got a wonderful blur and it’s great for low light.

What are your 3 tips for others who want to become photographers?

Learn the technical aspects of photography, study continuously, do it as soon as possible.

Have you received negative feedback from your work?

If you mean people coming straight to me saying that my work is not good, no, it hasn’t happened but people have other ways to express their dislikes like not liking your photos at times on social media. So, for example, it has happened a lot of times that I have posted something that I believed was great but it didn’t get the Likes that I would have expected.

What did you do about it?

Tried to get better the next time.

Where did you learn to take photos?

I attended an online photography course for a year which helped me understand the technical aspects of photography. The rest I keep learning mostly through the internet and by attending the occasional course when I get the chance.

Raw vs jpg and why?

Raw. More control over the photos.

What do you carry in your camera bag?

My camera, a Canon 5D Mark III, a Canon 50mm f/1.4 and a Canon 135mm f/2.0. Depending on the occasion I will also carry a speed light and a tripod.

If you could have the gift of a great photographer who would it be and why?

I admire so many photographers that it is hard to tell. I would pick Magdalena Berny for I look at her photos and remain silent for a long while.

What is the most common mistake you see people making when shooting these days?

Using the flash when shooting the moon.

What is your dream location to shoot?

I still remember as kid, having a big poster on the wall above my bed with two kids sitting on a bench in a forest of yellow leaves. Something like that I am yet to find.

How do you decide on where to shoot a photo?

It depends on the message I want to convey. Generally speaking, I am always in search of good surroundings and light. It doesn’t have to be anything spectacular or big. A little spot around the corner sometimes works wonders.

What is next for you? Any planned adventures with your camera?

I would like to try family photojournalism.

What is your goal with your photography?

To become consistent and develop my unique style. I would like people to be able to tell when a photograph is mine by just looking at it.

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