We are super grateful with PRO member DonnaLynnPhotog for her collaboration with the community and for these 7 awesome tips that will help improve your photography. Be sure to follow DonnaLynnPhotog so you do not miss her next shots!

Tip 1: Shoot what you love.

This is so important. I know as photographers its hard to make a living with so much competition but I truly believe if you shoot what you love - the money will follow. I also believe when you love what you shoot that it will show in your images. Its intangible but its there!

Tip 2: Assemble the best team you can.

Barter services when you are first starting out. No fashion or portrait photograph is created by just the photographer. There are the makeup artist, hairstylist and a lot of times , a designer. Search your local area for the best team you can. Pay their “kit fees” if you have to, in the beginning to create your portfolio! Everyone’s creativity will inspire an amazing result!

Tip 3: Learn skin retouching and photoshop.

Post processing will always enhance your portrait and/or story. This to me is where the art begins - how you “finish” your image will tell a bit more of the story you were trying to tell.

Tip 4: Get inspired.

Listen to music, look at old paintings, change your location (if you shoot in a studio primarily - get outside - you might get inspired) browse other artists within View bug - it can spark a creative shoot!

Tip 5: Get the best model you can.

Having an experienced model will make your job so much easier. Pay for the best model you can afford if bartering isn’t an option! Having a model know how to move, her/his angles. Facial expression is everything to my images and I credit the model for that!

Tip 6: Break rules.

Many many …one more time - MANY photographers will give you well intentioned advice on what lens to shoot with , what lens you MUST buy, what lighting is the best , that you NEED a light meter and what kind of editing is acceptable and what editing is too much. DON’T LISTEN TO ANY OF IT (unless you want to of course) DO YOU - there are no rules or regulations to photography. Go back to my Tip 1 - Shoot what you love and I promise you will never let yourself down!

Tip 7: Have fun!

Don’t make your shoots into a death march - be light hearted with your team. Being professional doesn’t mean not having a sense of humor. Your entire team will relax and you will get amazing results if everyone is having fun while creating together. Not talking to your team and not showing the model photos while you’re shooting - will rarely get you results. Not to mention …no one will want to work with you again. Be Light - Have Fun and break some rules!!